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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clouds, Heat & Humidity: We're Dying Out Here

The weather was playing with us today.  No sun, clouds thick overhead.  Hot and sticky, at least 80 degrees out there.  This is a tragedy in coastal Southern California.  No bueno at the beach, no sun at the pool.  What are we to do about maintaining our tans?  Not to mention we're sweating.  It's like being in hell.

To add insult to injury, I went out to water the plants, and I saw (and felt) this:

Those are raindrops, my friends.  They say thunder and lightning can't be far behind.  Heaven help us.  We're on storm watch.

ps: I'm kidding.  Really.  I can be ridiculous, but not this ridiculous.


  1. A. ??? I thought you enjoy rain and that it has a cathartic effect on you.

    B. ??? At least 80? Surely you jest. Ever experience Central Florida in the good ole summertime? Now THAT'S, as Kiss would say, hotter than hell!

    C. Shady's advice to dear friend karen: Skip this evening's bike ride and sip cool drinks in air conditioned comfort.

  2. Yes, Shady, I do indeed jest. I was having a laugh at So Cal folks in general. While the rest of the country is truly suffering from the heat, just turn on our news and you'd think we were in a state of emergency from a few clouds, some sprinkles, and higher humidity than usual. And, when we do get rain, people start driving like idiots. We're ridiculous.

  3. Oh, I would love to have that weather. I would love to have rain. It rains all around us, but not here. Hopefully soon...

  4. Oh Karen, that's not hell...it's Ohello..I mean Ohio.

  5. Where are those pesky emoticons when you need them? (LOL) I love it, karen! This is a refreshing change of pace for you and I hope you'll allow your sense of humor to come out and play more often. (For more, please see my reply to YOUR reply on my blog.) Have a great evening!

  6. I'm a Louisiana girl, so you'll get no sympathy from me, YOU WEINIE! The humidity is great for the complexion! LOL!!

  7. Our weather guys and gals go completely ballistic when it rains; either that or act like its so sad not to have the sun beating down. True Arizonans thank the Lord for rain in the same prayer that they beg Him for more.

  8. SoCal and rain? Ticked on so many levels. I would be beyond ticked if I were visiting right now.

  9. We are pretty spoiled, aren't we?


  10. Welcome to my world GirlFren.
    We did get some relief this week with rain and slightly cooler temps.

  11. It's crazy weather, that's all I can say. It is about 90 degrees today and the dew point is 78!! It is supposed to rain today but so far it hasn't. We went in the pool and the exercise was great, but for the last three days it has been like this, with only the temp. hotter. I am going to lose my tan if it continues like this!! This kind of weather isn't supposed to happen here until August.

    Sorry it is like that at your place too. We're supposed to have a thunder storm too. I don't think that it will happen, but maybe tonight.

    You may want to put off your desert drip for a little while. We sure would like to have you stay with us for a weekend, Karen.


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