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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Comes Home, The Other Ready To Leave

L is back from his Utah sojourn.  All went well with Andrew. The new apartment is all set up and looks really nice.  Poor L is all wiped out from a weekend of putting together beds, and picking up U-Haul trucks, moving furniture, and the stress of trying to make it all come together in a limited time frame.  To top it all off, when he got to the airport to fly home on Tuesday morning (he'd been planning to be at work at around 9am) they announced that his flight was cancelled.  He was put on a flight to Oakland instead that finally got him to LAX around noon.  To have to go to work after all of that took every ounce of self control he could muster, I'm sure.
When he finally dragged through the door last evening at about 6:20, I quickly fed him dinner, and then had to leave to go help Scott pack up his kitchen.  I felt bad about that, but in all reality an evening of solitude and quiet was probably a welcome relief.  And tonight is more of the same.  Scott and I went through almost 2 rolls of bubble wrap packing up the dishes and glassware.  He's going to go get another roll on his way home, and we'll pick up where we left off - but most of the breakables are packed.  Tonight, it will be more of the easy things: pots and pans, things in the spatula drawer, the silverware drawer, some appliances, and the random casserole/baking dishes.
I'm relishing every minute of time I get to spend with Scott.  Ashley has been working late so it's just been the two of us.  (Ashley is a smart girl, now that I think about it...)  When you've never moved before, it's nice to have someone come and show you how it's done.  Next time, they'll know how to pack things up.  I AM a good packer though - if I do say so myself.  And I do say so myself.  But it's been great to spend some good time with them before they go because I am really going to miss these two.

I talked to Katie for a little bit this afternoon.  She said that Mia is getting to be quite lethal with her little Brave bow and arrow set.

I'll have to sleep with one eye open on my next visit, apparently.  She has a target that she's been practicing with, and I understand she is quite the dead eye.  Yikes...  our own little Katniss Everdeen in the making.  Katie said Mia came to her this morning and said "I miss Mema... this morning when I woke up I just said softly {and here she whispered} 'Mema.'"  She has indeed inherited her Mema's flair for the dramatic.  Another reason to keep my eye on her.

That's it, my friends.  It's a slow day in the neighborhood.  I worked for 7 hours (YES - the hours are creeping up!) and now I'm waiting for L to come home.  He's having shoulder surgery this week, and he left work early to go get some pre-op work done.  He has some bone spurs in his left shoulder and a little muscle tear that have been giving him some pain for a few months now.  It'll be good to get the surgery over with and behind us.  If he gets home soon, we'll have time for a nice humid, muggy bike ride before I go to Scott's to help with the packing.  I'm sure he'll be laid up for at least a day or two before he feels like getting out and about, but it's so nice to have him home again I'm looking forward to pampering him a bit.  Hey la, my boyfriend's back...


  1. Hi, karen! I'd say you and L both deserve some pampering considering all you've been doing for the family. Again I take my hat off to your husband because he's really stepping up. He must have been wiped out after his hassles with the airline but he sucked it up and went to work regardless. That speaks volumes. I hope his shoulder surgery goes well and he's soon back to biking with you. It's great to see pictures of Mia again and to learn what she's been up to. I can relate to her because I was an excellent marksman as a child. I've been telling you all along she is one to watch. She's an old soul and her pictures exude personal power. Have a fine day and weekend, dear friend karen!

  2. Mia is so cute. And packing...wow, so hard for me to comprehend what it would be like to have never moved! Tom has been in Utah too and we will be reunited tomorrow!

  3. Mia and her little bow and arrow are too cute! How funny with the dramatic flair~

    I do hope the surgery goes well!

  4. Nice of you to help pack. Bittersweet.... Saying goodbye to loved ones is one of my least favorite things in life... But visiting Austin will be a new adventure for you at some point and I'm hoping a really good move for your son and his wife. Hoping for quick healing for L too!

  5. On the bright side, bubble wrap is awesome :)

    (good luck to L's surgery)

  6. Boy, you've got a lot going on. I can just imagine how much you will miss Scott and Ashley. Kinda stinks, but I'm sure things will be good for them, and that's what counts, right?

    Love that Mia has that dramatic flair going on...

    And I hope all goes well for the hubby with his shoulder surgery. That's no fun, but well worth it in the end.

    As you know, we have the beach trip this week, but when it's over we will be moving Todd to Costa Mesa. Fun, fun, fun.


    PS. Looking forward to seeing you but still can't seem to decide what time would be best. If you want to meet my mom, it will need to be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Maybe one of the evenings would be best so that I can get out of the house without dealing with the sun. Or we could just do lunch one of the days...

  7. Moving is such WORK.
    I bet you and your husband are sleeping really good lately...Best of luck on your husband's surgery.

  8. pampering seem to be needed - indeedy - the best idea for both.. there's a lot going on in your life -- hang in there and be safe..

  9. moving is such hard work!! the first time we moved, we threw everything in boxes completely unorganized..by the 7th move I was a packing and moving machine...we could have used someone like you around!! good luck to everyone.
    love the darling with the bow!!

    have a great weekend.

  10. I bet all that moving didn't make the shoulder feel any better..ouch! I'm sure all will go good during surgery..it would be really good if he was having it at my hospital! (We'd take extra special care and treat him like royalty!)It's hard to see the kiddos move away. My son Craig and his family are moving to Portland, Ore at the end of summer. Mich. was so much closer! I love that Mia is doing archery..my favorite thing to do! I just wish I had long, beautiful red hair! We always have a pumpkin shooting contest after Thanksgiving dinner with all the left over pumpkins from Halloween. Last year I broke my bow (like Nephi) and I still need to get it fixed. Have some nice relaxing time with L and don't work too hard helping with packing!

  11. How cute.. love the bow and arrow.
    Praying for your surgery!


  12. There's a Brave bow and arrow? Crap! Chloee was just here and I missed out on getting that for her!

    Isn't it wonderful when the grand's miss us? Yes. Yes it is.


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