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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Contemplating the Choices

I've reached the point of no return with my hair.  I've had a love/hate relationship with my hair for... well, forever.  It's not stick straight, it's not naturally curly.  It's not heavy and silky.  What it is, is fine and wavy, left on it's own.  And it's thick, thankfully, to counterbalance the fineness.  I've worn it long for probably the last 6-7 years, and I've mostly enjoyed it.  I have a wonderful stylist, Sarai, at the local Aveda salon, who really does a good job, and keeps it in top condition.

But lately, the enthusiasm is waning.  Maybe it's the heat.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm on the last week before I get color again (truthfully, that's probably the biggest part of it) and it looks drab.  But it's also acting like it's bored.  Do you have hair that does that?  Wear it the same way for too long, and it just loses it's zest for life?  Well, I do.  There's nothing that makes my hair snap back to attention like a good haircut of several inches.  All of those bored little ends chopped off, and what's left is hair that's excited to be there.  It feels thicker.  It feels more lively.  It's just MORE.

So I have an appointment next Thursday to discuss the possibilities, so when I have my real appointment next Saturday we can just get down to business.  Here are the pictures I pulled for her to gain inspiration from:

The least interesting choice.  Much like what I already have.  But a very safe choice. 
Who wouldn't want to look like Reese?  Except I won't.  I have to keep that in mind,
and focus just on the hair.

Shorter version of the same thing.  Nice looking, but not very exciting.  But I like the fact
that you could curl it like this, or wear it straighter.  And it's still long enough
for a baby pony tail.

This is quite exciting.  I don't really think I want it this short (unless Sarai swears
I'll look amazing), but I like the casual messiness of it.  Looks beachy and fun.

These last three are my favorites, though. Again, they're not a huge change from what I've got, but maybe it's just enough?

It could be a little bit shorter, but I like the beachy waves, and the general unfussiness of it.
At least I think it would be unfussy - we'll see what Sarai says.

Ah, yes.  Here's the shorter version.  But if I did this, would it also be able to be wavy if I want?
That would be a deciding factor.  But it's cute.

Love this.  So choppy looking, so kind of messy and beachy.  I'm just not
sure if my hair would do it.  Or if it would look good, because I'm not,
you know, going to look like Brooklyn Decker.  It's crucial to keep that in mind.

And then there's the color.  I'm bored with plain old brown with a few highlights.  I'm too old to go really dark - plus when the roots grow in, the gray makes me look like I'm thinning on top.  But what about something like this:

It's called ombre.  Light on top fading into a darker strands at the bottom.  I am really
liking this idea, so unless it's cost prohibitive (and it very well could be) that's what
I'm lobbying for.

So you have to sort of take pity on Sarai.  I've handed her about 3 distinctly different looks and told her to figure it out.  But she's a creative girl, and I'm excited to hear her opinions on Thursday.  She hasn't steered me wrong yet.  It's hard to know exactly what to do because all of the pictures I found were all of young, beautiful girls.  It's near impossible to find a picture of someone my age who also sports the hair I want, so the challenge is picturing the young, beautiful hair with my face.  It's frightening is what it is, and that's why I have Sarai as my voice of reason and reality.

In other distractions, I got a call this morning from India - it was Scott!  He's having a good trip, and got to ride a camel the other day.  I don't know if he's high fived any monkeys yet.  He's over Indian food, and can't wait to eat KFC or ANYTHING other than Indian food again.  He is struck by the extreme poverty and general dirtiness of the country.  He was expecting inner-city Los Angeles grade of dirty.  But what he's seen there is heart breaking and shameful.  Small children and babies sleeping on dirty sidewalks because they have nowhere else to go.  Trash in the ocean.  Trash everywhere.  He said he'd actually broken down and cried a couple of times.  That's my Scott.  Tenderhearted and sweet.  On a happy note, all the boys were treated to new shirts and slacks custom made for them by an Indian tailor.  Somewhere else, Scott taught one of the natives how to high five.  At first the man didn't understand, but then suddenly caught on, and delightedly taught others around him to "high five."  Scott is just a big old friendly bear - people love him.  I'm glad he had the chance to go on this trip - it's been eye opening to experience such generosity from people he's never before met, to see and experience things he'd never experience at home, and also to truly appreciate the United States, and all of the privileges and freedoms we tend to take for granted.

L and I went on a nice bike ride this afternoon.  It was so hot where we live that we packed up the bikes and headed for Newport Beach.  We rode around in the neighborhoods around the LDS temple down there, just off of MacArthur Boulevard.  The weather was much more mild, and there was a nice breeze blowing off the ocean.  Very pleasant - there were hills for exercise, a breeze for comfort, and beautiful homes to look at while we were at it.  We want to build a solid cover for our patio, so that it's kind of an extension of the living room - an outdoor room.  We want to have some nice columns made for the pillars, and we saw lots of good ideas for that in the neighborhoods we rode through.  We made several mental notes.  It made me excited for next year when we (hopefully) start work on all of that.

On the way home, we stopped at a Carl's Jr and got some lunch and (most importantly) a nice cold Diet Coke.  While we were eating, there was a man and a much younger lady practicing a ballroom dance routine in the dining room.  I have no idea why - it was very odd, and they weren't in the least bit self conscious about it.  As they finished twirling and dipping, the skinny old homeless man in the back of the dining room clapped and cheered.  It was awesome.  I just love it when random things like that happen.


  1. Good luck with your hair. I've been in "style crisis" for at least a year. ( I should say style-less crisis). And this flipping humidity isn't helping. For weeks I've looked like I just had a bad fright. Lol
    I can relate to Scott's experience. In 2003 I spent a month in the Philippines. It was very eye opening. I came home so grateful and thankful for everything.

  2. Hi, karen! If I ever find out where my hair went I'll get in touch with it and find out if it's bored! (LOL) Hooray for Scott! I'm sure he's having quite an adventure in India. I once walked a mile for a Camel but I never rode one. :) I agree that this will be an eye opening experience for him. After being exposed to abject poverty in a foreign ghetto he'll gain a new appreciation for his homeland, the U.S.A. I'm glad to learn that you and your husband did some multitasking while taking your bike ride, examining homes and gathering ideas for your upcoming renovation work. That's good thinking! I hope you have a fabulous week ahead, dear friend karen!

  3. Oh, the hair struggle! You've got some really cute styles there (in fact, I may nip a couple of them for my next trip to the salon)! You'll have to be sure and post pics of your finished product.

    I know someone who's been to India, and she had the same reaction as your son. Just no way to prepare for what the worst of it is.

  4. I'm SO OVER hair. Really? Let's all just shave, be bald and call it good.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with, everything you posted is beautiful!

  5. I like the second one if you leave it longish, but I also think you would look darling in short hair.

    India sounds interesting and will be both an adventure and a learning experience. Should be cool for them!

    I also liked reading about what happened at Carl's Jr. Life can be so random sometimes, and that's when the best stuff happens.


    PS. Todd left for school last night. He starts today. I am missing him already!

  6. I'm voting on the Reese Witherspoon cut. Definitely do not cut it as short as the other blonde girl, I think you'll regret going that short! I do like the idea of the last girl with it being light blending into dark :)

  7. My hair is cut like the super sassy shortest one. I love it when it's done. I feel fabulous and fierce BUT... it super sucks when I'm all sweaty from working out. I can't just pull in into a pony. I have to use a million bobby pins to get it out of my face.

    I'd like to see that ombre thing. That sounds pretty cool. You have such amazing hair you could do anything and look amazing.

    I love when random stuff happens like that too, btw. It makes me happy to see people step out of what they think is normal accaptable behavior and just let loose.

  8. I am in the same mood about my hair.. but for me it's been over a year since I've had my hair cut and I color my own hair too - gotta wash that gray right out my life haha.. I've go with a light golden brown because I look best is a lighter color but those roots of mine have been coming in dark and you really see the gray. So I am at a spot where you are deciding what I want to do with my naturally curly thick hair. All I have to do for real is wash it - then twist into ringlets - once dry run my hands through it and I am set and it will stay that way for three to four days even from sleeping on it - nothing sprayed on it either. And some of the curl can get Frizzy too and that drives me nuts. Anyway - talk about drab -- I am there. That last photo before you show the color that you like - that is my hair on the third day just a little bit more curly and longer. I want a change too! - And you are right can't find hair cuts photos of women my age.
    Can't wait to see what comes from the planning steps you have taken - SO smart to do! You don't want to look dorky..wink! Hope to see the before and after look - Okay! That would be coolish!!!
    By the way I do like that color shades..

  9. Sorry one more thing -- when I was living in Mexico - I saw the same thing your sun has experience. It was an eye opening experience for me too. In places the poverty in really awful - to see little huts built from any kind of materials to make do and with dirt floors and they carrying their water for miles = no in door running water. It's there in Cabo San Lucas,and the surrounding areas - indeed.. Oh yes, your son will have a deeper appreciation for his homeland and be changed in many ways too - I bet - I sure was!..

  10. wow..lost of stuff going on! good luck with the hair decision ..I am so boring! same hair style for 30 yrs...
    interesting thoughts about India....my whole frame of reference is from Slum dog millionaire and Mother Tereasa..
    and glad to hear your biking!! yea and at the beach..how fun!


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