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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hey, I Got My Hairs Did!

So yesterday was the big haircut day.  I FEEL like I look very different, but in looking at the following pictures, I can see that I didn't take a very big leap.  I did, however whack off 4 inches of my hair's length - that's quite a bit.  The cut is cute, and it's still versatile - pony tails are possible, although I don't think I like my hair straight at this length.  It flips up, and I just hate flipped up hair.  Too many memories of Patty Duke hair, American Bandstand, and Lloyd Thaxton dance parties, and if you don't know who they are, then never mind - you wouldn't understand why flipped hair looks like a throwback to the fifties and early sixties.  To me, flipped hair is an eternal sock hop.  So no bueno, thank you very much.
When young Sarai was blowing my hair out, though, she innocently flipped it up, and I literally felt the panic rise. I got a little bit teary and asked "Is this what its going to do?"  She, not realizing my extreme flip aversion nonchalantly said "Oh no - we'll put some wave to it."  And I immediately felt my blood pressure come down.  For the one or two of you that have known me since time's beginning, you know what a nemesis my hair has always been.  I've largely come to terms with it, but the scars remain, so you'll excuse me if I devote AN ENTIRE POST to my hair.  Shut up - yes, it's that big of a deal.  Even L sat home, waiting for me to come home, chewing his nails, wondering if he'd see a happy face, or a crying one.  Luckily, it was a happy face.
You may ask why, in heaven's name, do I crave change and whackage when the stakes are so high?  Yes, you may well ask, but I have no answer, except that I am also the eternal optimist, and if I suffer a momentary setback, I realize that it can always grow back, so I learn to deal with whatever hideous mistake is made.
But yesterday was a success - due in large part to my wonderful stylist who protects me from myself and my own foolish impulses.  And also due, in part (if I do say so myself) to a pretty thorough and honest research job myself on what I might like to do.  However, I know only too well, if Sarai had said "Let us create a short cut" I would have said "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes."  But luckily, she is a smart girl, and said only "Let's do this slowly."  So we cut it up to my shoulders, and then she did the most wonderful color job I could possible have imagined.  The top is a dark, rich brown and it "melts" into a lovely carmel color at the bottom in the front and sides, fading to dark in the back.  I love it.  The ends feel thick and healthy.  Even James, the salon owner, came by and complimented it.  And James, being sort of a moody artiste type, doesn't usually do things like that.  Perhaps he saw panic in my eyes, perhaps he noticed that I could barely look in the mirror during the process,  but I prefer to think he really liked it.  And since he's the king of creative hair color, I took that as high praise.
So, without further ado, here is a picture montage of my "new" hair, courtesy of Mac Photo Booth.  Enjoy.

Oh, one more thing.  I'm going to grow out my bangs.  Good luck to me on that one, but I'm giving it a good try.  So if I look a little shaggy in months to come, you'll understand.  It seems I can only enjoy my hair if its a work in progress.


  1. You hair is too CUTE!!! Love the look. And the bangs- I'd keep them. Really look great on you-

  2. Love it! It looks very hip...you looked amazing before but I think you look much younger with the new cut. I have had hair hate since I was little. I used to cry when I couldn't get my ponytail high enough on my head...silly! Now I think I'll have to have a closed casket because I haven't found a hair dresser who makes me really happy. I have a "sort of" happy one. I would love to grow my hair out atleast one more time before I die...wait a minute, this comment is sounding like I have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave! Yikes! I'm just thinking it would probably take forever to grow out and I get so impatient. Anyway, I totally understand hair issues and I think a post entirely dedicated to it is just fine...good job! Sorry this is so long...hair makes me crazy.

  3. Hi, karen! As a male blogger in a predominantly female blog universe I have learned the hard way to bite my tongue (fingers) when it comes to heaping compliments on my lady friends. Nevertheless, in the interest of complete transparency and full disclosure I am willing to risk everything once again to let you know that you look simply adorable with this hair style and color. I see that you already plugged in one of the poses as your profile picture and rightly so. This hairdo a winner! Sarai is a sensational stylist and you will want to hold onto her. You are a knock-out and L will want to hold onto you. So there. I went all Glenn Quagmire on you but I couldn't help myself because you look that good. Please don't unfriend me. Be happy and have a great week ahead, dear friend karen!

  4. I LOVE it! 4 inches? Good laws - that's a lot and very brave of you!

    Good luck on the bangs, I'm in that stage as well and let's just say.....aye yi yi

  5. First let me say I love the new do. I giggled all through this post because you and I are "hair-sisters at heart". I have had a hate - hate it less relationship with my hair for years. P.S. I grew out my bangs, and then had them cut last visit. Its a vicious cycle.
    And I hate the 60's flip too

  6. It is beautiful! I think it is perfect for you.

  7. Karen, oh my goodness your new haircut and color is gorgeous! I love it! Beautiful. It suits you well. Stunning. I sure need something done in that department... Hmmmm....maybe this week.

  8. Karen, your style is wonderful! I love it! It suits your bubbly personality. The waves around your face are lively and youthful. I finally grew out my bangs after years of trimming them, which look great when I blow dry and style, but awful if I don't.

  9. It looks really good! I am just as terrified of haircuts, but am not as optimistic. Just got mine cut too, and thankfully it turned out!

  10. LOVE the color and the cut. You look cool, Karen!


  11. LOVE this mom! I need to so something cute with mine before our anniversary next month! New York here we come! :)

  12. The style and color looks soft around your face and healthy and may I say youthful too.. Totally Love LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE it! I will soon be doing the hair issue too..
    OH boy - wink!

  13. Wowzers! You look fantabulous! Love the hair!

  14. hey gorgeous! you WILL get carded.


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