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Monday, September 10, 2012

Birthday Blues

Hey, I'm back!  No, I didn't go anywhere.  I was just busy getting used to being old, and it put me in a bad mood.  No point in coming here and offending everyone with my crabby attitude - I'm sure I offended people here at home quite enough!  Poor L didn't know what to make of me.
It was a busy week besides.  One of my friends has a daughter who is getting married to her very longtime boyfriend in a week or two, and so we gave her a shower.  Actually I didn't do too much except bring some flowers and make some food, and watch Melissa having the time of her life opening up beautiful gift after beautiful gift.  I think there should be a rule that every 10 years you can dump all of your old, ugly kitchen things and get all new ones.  I was soooo tempted to load some of those lovelies into my car and sneak them home with me.  But that wouldn't be right, would it?  Still, I was tempted...
It was one of the better bridal showers I've been to.  Everything was so beautifully done, and so much good food!  As I was getting ready to leave, I sat down for a moment to talk to my friend Glenna.  She is one of our church's treasures.  Not sure exactly how old she is, but it hovers around 90, give or take some years.  She is frail, yet unceasingly cheerful.  She is the mother/grandmother of two of the hostesses, and the grandmother of the bride.  She told me she reads my blog all the time and enjoys it very much.  I loved to hear that.  And then she told me to tell L hello for her because, in her words, "he's one of my favorites.  You don't mind me saying that, do you?"  And I don't.  And I know that L loved to hear it.  Because we ALL want to be one of Glenna's favorites.  She's one of those great ladies that make you feel good just sitting by her for a few minutes.  Amazing woman, and exactly how I'd like to be when I'm her age.  (fat chance, but I can dream, can't I?...)

And then came Friday, the Big Birthday.  I really thought I was fine.  I didn't think I was much affected by this birthday at all.  But I was wrong.  It kind of bugged me, to tell you the truth.  My friends took me to lunch that afternoon, and we had a good time.  They all make me laugh, and there weren't too many people (have I told you that I have a phobia regarding large groups of women?  Nothing makes me want to head for the hills faster than that...but small groups are good, and this was a GOOD small group.)  L made me such a lovely dinner on Friday night - steak and veggies, and red velvet cupcakes.  Very relaxing, and to tell you the truth, I just wasn't up for going out for a fancy dinner.  I've never really been a black dress and pearls kind of girl, so this was perfect.  After dinner we drove down to the beach and watched the sunset from the bluffs above Corona del Mar beach.  Everything seemed ok and just right.  Until Saturday.

Now Saturday just started out wrong.  It was hot.  I was frustrated because I really wanted to go shopping to spruce up my wardrobe, and L had Home Depot in mind instead.  And riding bikes in the hot, hot sun.  My joints were aching, and I felt every second of my 59 years.  And this is where 59 started to bug me.  So instead of doing any shopping, I turned into a martyr and got on the phone with the cable company because our Apple TV had stopped working (are you following me on my adventure through Crazy Town?) and L had gone off on a bike ride without me because I hadn't wanted to go, and then I did, but he didn't hear me.  *deep breath*  So I called Time Warner Cable which is always ALWAYS an exercise in futility.  I don't even know why I try.  Well, because I was being a martyr, that's why.  And I got nowhere, so L and I ended up making an appointment at the Genius Bar at our local Apple store.  And then we were late by 10 minutes (because L forgot to bring part of the Apple TV stuff) and we missed our appointment and had to come back later.  Oh, it was a peachy afternoon, and it really had nothing to do with my birthday, except it did, follow me?
Luckily, I had time to calm down, wash up, and become pleasant in time to have dinner with my parents.  And it was a nice time.  We met them at 6:00 and it was very hot out.  By the time we finished dinner and walked out, it was a perfect evening.  Just getting dark, and just warm enough without being too hot.  L and I headed home, full of good food and I was feeling better.  Sometimes I might just still need my mommy, you know?

Sunday morning dawned.  Nice and hot.  L and I looked at each other and flashed a mental message to each other that we were playing hooky from church that day.  I know, I know.... I'm not proud.  But still.  I will work on my moral character this week and improve my resolve to choose the right.  We puttered around the house, not doing much of anything.  And at around 6:00 that evening we loaded the bikes up and took them down to the bike trail.  Where it was like an oven and the wind blew against us ferociously all the way back.  It almost felt like God was telling me "No nice ride for YOU tonight, you slacker,", so I took my punishment with my head bowed in contrition, but with determination to finish, and to be a better person this week.  It was not fun, but I felt like I'd paid my repentant dues.  We came home, hosed off, and undid all of our good work with a red velvet cupcake and a Diet Coke while watching our Apple TV that now at last works to perfection.  (Because our Apple Genius gave us a new unit - I left that part out before.)

Now I may not have gotten my physical shopping trip that I was hoping for.  But I did score a couple of good things online.  I have a favorite website Garnet Hill that yielded up a couple of treasures.  Their regular priced items can be a little pricey, but I found the best little black knit surplice wrap dress (that I already know won't make me look like the model, so I'm walking into this with eyes open wide) that was on sale for $68!  It came in other colors (like the blue, below) but I chose the slimming black.

It will look fine with sandals in hot weather and will take nicely to tights and boots in the winter.  And because it's so simple, accessories will be fun to play with.  AND - (and this is actually the most exciting thing) I found a pair of shoes I'd been coveting for a few months now, and they were HALF OFF.  Here they are:

  At Garnet Hill, they were on sale for $58.  In the Sundance catalog, they are still priced at $99.  WOOT!!  I've been wanting them to wear on bike rides.  It's a little hairy wearing flip flops on a long bike ride, yet my regular cross trainers are too bulky.  Cycling shoes are expensive and I'm not that hard core, anyway.  These will be perfect as they're almost like going barefoot, but with some foot protection.  I was very excited about finding them on sale.  So that was my fun this weekend: finding a couple of items I really liked (and would have paid full price for) on sale for a great price.  There are so many other things I want to buy (why is that list never ending?) but for now this will do.  I'm over my little birthday depression and life is back to normal.  When I turn 60 next year, I may have to go live in a cave for a few days if 59 affected me like this.  You know, one of those caves that has room service, high thread count sheets, and ocean views.

The only thing that would make life better right now would be a trip to see kids and/or grandkids.  I'm getting anxious to see them - several months is a long time in child-time.  We'll see what the next months bring.  I found this somewhere and it is fitting:

Lots and lots of frosting...


  1. karen karen karen - I consider honesty between friends to be essential. Why then are you telling a fib? You can't... repeat CAN'T be 59! I must have seemed foolish when I wrote on my blog recently that you are at least ten years younger than me. I was so certain of it. Wanna make some quick cash? Take your profile picture to a bar and bet the patrons they can't guess your age within THIRTY years! I'm serious! You are the youngest looking 59 I've ever seen. Not that 59 is old. I have TIES older than 59! Just the same, I'm penciled in to rearrange my sock drawer next year at this time so I won't be able to drop by to see how you're coping. (LOL) Shucks, you're beautiful inside and out, karen, and I again wish you a happy birthday and a safe, healthy and prosperous year ahead!

  2. You are one blessed woman, despite all you had to go through. 59 sounds like a pretty good age to be. Love the dress and shoes- always fun to get new clothes!

  3. Birthdays should not be this sad, so sorry. Maybe you'll be spending your next birthday in Hawaii or somewhere just as beautiful, doing something so exciting that you cant think about the number. Besides I dont think of you turning 59, you are young and beautiful and stylish and a wonderful Mom.

  4. And that is why I love you, Ronna! (And actually the rest of you too!) I didn't mean to make it sound sad - it was just a ridiculous day made even more ridiculous by my bad attitude. Luckily, those things never last long with me, and for THAT I'm grateful! Because birthdays should make you smile. And now, looking back on it, I am able to see all of the nice things that happened, and I am smiling.

  5. Well at least you know when you're being a martyr! ;-) Glad you snapped out of it! Mia keeps telling me we need to go buy you some lipgloss for your birthday. I told her I already made you a necklace and she said she wants something just from her, so lipgloss from the dollar store it is, LOL! She loves all the treasures she finds there ;-) Oh I hope you come visit in the near future. Mia has turned into a snow bunny. Who would have guessed my little beach babe would prefer the snow? Miss you!

  6. Having been there done that, I can empathize but also say the old adage is true...numbers don't make your age...and you are sooooo young! Happy Belated Birthday and much love!

  7. You know, sometimes there are days, or weeks like this and maybe they fall on a birthday too. Whatev's new start over next day right?

    It was hellishly hot down there last weekend so I have no doubt your bike ride was miserable

  8. I always love your frank, funny posts.

    Happy birthday, old lady.


  9. When I turned 59 this year I made some decisions...I was going to change some things that were bugging me so when I turned 60 in Feb '13 I could smile and feel like I did something good. Well, I started out strong but as most things go I've slowed down...well, a stop might be more like it. But your post has inspired me to get back on the "change" wagon. Get the things I need to change done. So I'll check back in with you in 6mo. and see how it all has gone. You look so good, I never thought you were 59..not that that's old. But I've stared telling everyone I'm 75 and they think I look great for my age. So Happy Birthday beautiful and enjoy the rest of this birthday week!

  10. I hope this year treats you better than your birthday did. Happy birthday, Friend.

  11. I really loved this Karen... your honesty. Your humanity. Made me feel a kindred spirit there. I loved every minute of reading this so I'm not going to pick out exactly what I liked... but I laughed out loud the very first paragraph... relating to your words... Blessings on your my friend...

  12. I am SHOCKED that you turned 59. For reals? You look so young and your attitude and writing voice are so fresh and lively that I really would not have known. So the age thing, really, it's just a number. You're one of the coolest people I know! And you have ten times more style than me.


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