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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Costco Dogs

It's been a busy few days for me.  Work has been hectic, and there has been a lot of family activity to keep up with.  It felt like last weekend came and went without much notice.  The weather was extremely hot, making us want to burrow inside our cave where it was cool.

On Saturday we did venture out in the blistering sun to Costco.  Now, you're going to scoff and say that the romance has gone out of our lives.  But I say no - it's just evolved...  L and I had completely cleaned out and organized the pantry.  We found things we had no idea we had!  A can of corn from 1988.  A can of garbanzo beans of roughly the same vintage.  A can of condensed milk so old I didn't even want to think about it.  I can't imagine what I'd ever bought them for, but they obviously came with me when I moved to our current house in 1993.  L was not even a gleam in my eye back then, and was doubtless off working through his own life struggles.  I couldn't believe that some of those cans were so prehistoric - horrified was more like it -  and vowed to do a better job of rotating foodstuffs in and out.  To never again overlook those dark corners where old food goes to fester and die.

While we sifted through cans and boxes of food both old and new, we came across an unopened box of baby rice cereal left by Katie on her first visit with Mia (who is now 6).  There was an old box of macaroni and cheese, bought in case one of the grandkids wanted it while they were here.  Yes, even a pantry built into a weird space underneath the stairs can hold memories.  Food memories.  Old paper plates from someone's birthday, along with random red plastic cups leftover from a Christmas gathering.  Luckily L was there with me, keeping me on task.  And when we'd finished organizing, old items were discarded and there was more room.  Tomato products were stacked together.  Soups were rediscovered and stacked in their own section.  We found that we must love clam chowder because we had a lot of cans of that.  Tuna, coconut milk, spaghetti sauce, cold cereal, and pasta - each found a designated space and the order was beautiful to look at.  I was almost inspired to poetry.  Almost.

We took stock of what we had, and what we were low on, and headed to Costco.  As we parked the car, I think L and I had the same thought simultaneously.  I started thinking of Costco hot dogs just as he turned to me and said "Want a hot dog?"  We're a match made in heaven, that's what we are.  Soul mates.

So before shopping, before trekking through the giant warehouse of food and Saturday samples we ordered two all beef dogs and 2 Diet Cokes.  We loaded the dogs up with ketchup, mustard and relish, and filled our cups with icy cold soda.  And then we sat side by side on a bench hugging the building - the only place in the shade - and ate our hot dogs and drank our sodas, and watched a lady who was hugging two puppies.  She told someone they were half pug and half chihuahua, and I was glad they weren't mine, poor ugly little things.  We watched all kinds of people milling about with their carts full of food and a wide variety of other things from paper to TVs, loading them into their cars and taking them home.

I was glad to be sitting next to L eating the best hot dog I've had in awhile (seriously - Costco has great hot dogs!), enjoying sitting shoulder to shoulder with my sweetie beating the heat.  Such a simple pleasure, but those are always the best.


  1. I'm sure I would find some scary can goods in my pantry (if I ever decide to venture into those corners)

  2. Hi, karen! I agree that life's simple pleasures are the best. When I was a kid my family went to the dirt track stock car races every weekend during summer. The speedway's snack stand was located on the first turn not far from the track. All day long as the racers slid into that turn on every lap, clouds of dust and clods of dirt were thrown in the direction of that food stand. I swear to you it added just the right flavoring to their hot dogs and French fries!

    I urge you to keep checking those expiration dates on your canned goods. As a general rule I automatically throw out anything that has grown whiskers! :) Hope you are having a great week, kiddo!

  3. I believe in simple pleasures. They make a life joyous.

    I have a walk-in pantry. I love it and hate it. I love it for its size and room. I hate it for the fact that those darn old canned goods can hide in the sneakiest of places. I also hate the fact that I, too, have that sense of accomplishment after I organize it, which I do on a regular basis. But then I have these pests who scurry in there and mess it up. They're the common pest aka three daughters.

    Love the Costco dog and especially love its price.

  4. We don't have Costco near us but Sam's Club works the same! We love a good hotdog too..a Chicago dog makes me happy any day! Jack likes their slushies...don't tell him I said that! (he's like a 9yr old when it comes to slushies...don't tell him I said that either...I'd better go now!)

  5. You "almost" inspire me to clean out my pantry. Actually I need to rework my bathroom cabinet first...I love a good hotdog so I appreciate a good hotdog moment.

  6. Yum yum!!! I LOVE Costco hot dogs! I always ask for lots of Sour Kraut (sp) to go on it. Perfect date food! Now I'm craving one. Great. Thanks a lot. If I eat one (which I will) I will have to run for approx. 453 hours to burn the calories. so worth it though!!! :)

  7. Another thing we have in common: date nights to Costco to get hot dogs or pizza and a diet coke!! Oh yeah, I totally get it:)

  8. Always a hard choice--a hot dog or pizza? Hmmmmm. Next time I'll have the dog, just for you.

  9. If there's anything better than a Costco hot dog, it's having a Costco hot dog with someone you love.


  10. I don't get to Costco often (no membership) but when I tag along with someone - a dog is a MUST HAVE!

  11. I love Costco. I took it as a sign when there was a costco nearby that we were picking the right house for us when we bought it! hahah. I have a big pantry. Love it. But i have to check expiration dates on products too. Not one of my strengths!

    Hope Southern Cali is cooling off for you....

  12. We did the same thing recently and had to throw a lot of food away. What a waste. I was kinda disgusted with myself for not rotating better.

    As for Costco, I love it. And the dogs. And the pizza.


  13. Now I"m in the mood for a hot dog...

  14. I LOVE a good hotdog - sooo good!
    You're absolutely right about enjoying the small things too - it's those times that fill your soul.

  15. haha..yes! I cleaned out my medicine cabinet this sum me...and I found stuff that was taken off the market 10 yrs ago. gasp!!!
    we JUST discovered Costco pizza. last week. yum!


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