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Monday, September 24, 2012

Enough of Summer!

I've hit a place where my days are not interesting.  To anyone, least of all myself.  I work for 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week.  Saturdays are spent getting little chores done, maybe seeing a movie, and dinner out.  We definitely try to fit a longer bike ride in during the day somewhere.  The days are getting shorter and we don't have the luxury of long rides on weeknights.  During the week, the rides have become more like timed rides.  There are a couple of streets near our house that don't get a lot of traffic, and the streets wind around in a circle, like a track.  So we ride around, and around, and around, first one street, then the other, until we've ridden about 40 minutes, or about 5-8 miles worth.  Since we don't have to watch out for many cars, it gives us a chance to talk - something we never get to do out on the bike trail while dodging runners, walkers and other cyclists.  We discuss everything from kids to grandkids, to politics.  (Luckily, we are in sync there, so there are no heated debates that could cause a crash.)  Mitt Romney calls my husband's cell phone every night.  Sometimes we relent and answer, and write checks.  Mittens doesn't know my cell number though, so I don't get pressured.  Good thing, because I'm an easy touch.

But it's a bit monotonous.  Sleep, work, dinner, ride, maybe some TV, reading or blogging.  Even cooking dinner is getting tedious.  What I want to cook are stews, roasts, soups.  But the days here in Southern California are still in the upper 80s, low 90s.  Our current favorite is a seasonal compromise: canned Progresso clam chowder and BLT sandwiches.  September has been an uncooperative month ever since I can remember.  It should be autumn, with crisp blue skies, a nip in the air, sweaters and jackets at the ready.  Instead, it's the hottest part of summer weather.  It's like a devil who doesn't want to relinquish his power.  I love summer, but I love it when it's appropriate.  Like in July.  By September I'm bored with it, and I want to move on to pumpkins and thinking how I'm going to decorate the house for Halloween.

I no longer want to sit by the pool.  I want to thumb through Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine and dream of spooky possibilities.  I want to hang up the pirate skeleton.

One thing that broke the monotony last week was the landing of the shuttle Endeavor at LAX.  It made the grand tour of California, flying low over Sacramento and the Golden Gate Bridge before heading to the Southland.  It buzzed over Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles before heading to Orange County and Disneyland and then flying up the coast from Huntington Beach to Long Beach and the Queen Mary, and then on to LAX.  I was so hoping to see it in person, but I couldn't get an approximate time when it would be over Disneyland or Huntington.  All the LA newspeople could focus on was themselves, so by the time it was in Orange County it was over and done with before I could make a move.  But it was on it's way up the coast towards LAX, and my husband works very close to there.  I texted him to get outside and get a picture, if he could.  I was ten times more excited about it than he was, but he's an obliging man and so he trudged to a clear spot where it seems other people had gathered as well.  And what do you know - in about 10 minutes it flew right by and he was able to get a pretty good shot.  And THEN he was excited too.  Such a piece of history - even watching it make the tour on TV brought tears to my eyes.  Here is the shot L was able to get:

Sooooo awesome!  It was really something to see, and I'm glad I was able to see it all morning on TV, and (if I couldn't see it myself) have L get a clear shot of it.

The other big news is that my son Scott (recently transplanted in Texas) got a job!  That was cause for celebration and we were thrilled for him.  I could hear the relief and happiness in his voice when he called me.  It was a brave adventure to move away and start anew, and I'm very proud of how they've handled everything.

Remember it was Skylee's birthday a few weeks ago?  Ronna sent me a few pictures from the celebration.  Apparently, she loves cake as much as Mema...  she's got the two fisted grip down pat.  No foolish party guest is going to wrestle that cupcake away from our Skylee!

It got a lot messier, but you get the picture.  And here is a picture of the sweet birthday girl with her pretty mother:

The older kids, Lexi and Matthew, are doing well in school, and are also enjoying taking swim lessons.  Lexi excels in everything she tries, and she is a go-getter.  On the other side of the country Mia and Hayden are waiting for snow.  It seems our beach girls love the snow just as much as the water.  Mia is learning to stay focused (she reminds Hayden not to bother her because she needs to "focus") and she is good at math (a girl after my dad's heart).  Maybe she can explain it to me one day... Hayden is enjoying one on one time with mom while Mia is at school.

I miss them all more than I can say.  I check flights and keep hoping they'll get a little more reasonable. Because traveling to see the little ones definitely keeps monotony away.  I could concentrate on fun outings with my little friends instead of on how much my knees ache.  And that's just what the doctor ordered.


  1. Now, come on- it doesn't sound that monotonous at all! I'm going to California next week for a conference, and I'm thinking it's going to be pretty exciting!

    Congrats on your son finding a job- the Austin area is pretty neat. I hope they are settled in to a good place there. Loved the pics~

  2. Hi, karen! Well, if the SoCal temp has dipped down to the upper 80s then that's much more tolerable than 108, right? We're still hitting 90 or higher every single day. Halloween night, Oct. 31st, is often uncomfortably warm and humid for the trick-or-treaters here in Central Florida so obviously we still have a long way to go until we get some relief. Your grands are all so cute and bright and brimming with personality and charm. They take after their Mema. That mother and daughter pic of Skylee and her mommy is priceless. It's great to hear from you, my dear friend on the other side of the country (and other side of the aisle). Have a wonderful week!

  3. Sometimes monotony is better than excitement. I like routine. It's good for the heart, and it makes my dogs happy.


  4. I would love to have seen the shuttle. I kept saying I would drive to Florida to watch a launch, but they were so hit and miss because of the weather, I never did it.
    I love summer, but I'm ready for fall too. I start getting the blaa's toward the end of each season.
    Happy Autumn

  5. You read my blog so you already know I'm totally ready for it to be fall. The weather here has been cool (40's at night..60's day) and the leaves are changing nicely. Is that your front entrance all dolled up for Halloween? It's one of my favorite holidays and decorating takes as much time as it does at Christmas! Your Grandkiddos are so cute, and I love Skylee's dress in that pic! I miss mine that live away and I even miss the ones who live close when I can't see them for weeks. Enjoy the week and I hope it gets more exciting!

  6. We should prolly trade houses. I hate the fall. Despise. Loathe. I should write a whole post about my hating it.

    Love that you get good news and pics about the kids!

  7. September heat is "like the devil not ready to give up his power" what a great line. We are having cooler mornings and evenings finally, but by the afternoon, it's still hot. Just yesterday I had a scary thought about having to wear my sandals in January. I also need the cooler temps to lift my mood and give my life a boost.
    But that is such good news about your son's job, and your sweet littles in school. Focus is important! And it's a shame we have to learn it so early.

  8. I'm with you on the "summer's over dammit!" bandwagon. Oh yeah, you didn't say that did you?

  9. Hey Karen, I sent a note to your gmail account. You won one of the prizes from our Family Proclamation Celebration! the e-mail will be coming from chocolateonmycranium {at} live {dot} com so check your spam folder if it's not in your inbox. Thanks!


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