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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Valentine...

Happy Valentine's to all of you!  It's a day early, but I have the time to post now.  And you know how that is.  Besides, most of you won't even read this until the actual day anyway.  I spent my morning running down south to a doctor's appointment and a surprise visit to the lab for a little stickety stick with the needle for some labs.  I love my doctor - he's sooo unusual.  He spends about 20 minutes telling you what's new with him, and then he asks about you for about 60 seconds.  He's one of those genius types who can spot a problem in the bat of an eye, so it doesn't really bother me.  I'm just always amused at what he's willing to share with me.  I've gone through problem children (his), a divorce (his - nasty one) and 7 back surgeries (all his) with him.  I've gone to see his son's band play in a club, and I've listened to Dr. J perform his own compositions on his portable keyboard.  He's one of those rare individuals who is good at just about everything he tries.  Marriage and a back injury have been the only things that have proved a challenge to him, but it seems his latest surgeon has triumphed, and since he's on his 3rd wife, it seems that three may be a charm.  Happy Valentine's Day, Dr. J.

After giving up some blood (Valentine's Day red!) I headed north towards home.  I decided to stop and see my aunt before going home, as I had a couple of things to discuss with her.  I'm trying to help her sell a house in Lehi, Utah (remember, we discussed this last time?), and needed her permission to go ahead with a couple of things.  I haven't seen the house in several years, but I understand it's a fixer-upper at this point, so I think the easiest thing to do is to sell it as is for a lower price than it's listed at right now.  Anyone know of a buyer looking for a 4 bedroom that needs some TLC?  It even has a self contained apartment in the finished basement - kitchen, bath, bedroom, family room.  But it needs paint, some window repair, probably carpet.  Too much to deal with from California.  Margie was having a pretty good day today, and so we had a nice visit, and I brought her a pretty wreath for her door.  Happy Valentine's Day, Margie.

I thought about my parents today, and was happy that they are blessed to have another Valentine's Day together.  Not that my dad is a real romantic or anything, but he loves my mom like no other.  I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, but I can see that the fight has brought them even closer than before.  Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad.

I always think about our kids and grandkids.  Not just today, but every day.  I wish for a healed knee (Rex), and less back pain (Ronna) for Rex and Ronna.  A wonderful, healthy baby in a few months.  Happy, happy days and fun Valentine's Day parties for Lexi and Matthew.  Blissful days and plenty of naps for Miss Skylee (her mommy needs her to have lots of naps...)  Happy Valentine's Day, Colorado family.

For Zach I wish for interesting cases at the hospital and lots of love from his girls.  For Katie I wish for warm sunny days - she is growing weary of the gray skies and freezing cold - and that new little bundle she herself is hoping for.  Mia should have happy schools days, and lots of organizing (did you know she loves to organize refrigerators?  I will keep that in mind during her next visit...)  Hayden needs to cherish this alone time with her mommy while Mia is at school.  And I wish for lots of Face Time with both of them.  Happy Valentine's Day Massachusetts family.

For Scott and Ashley, I wish a lovely romantic night filled with all of the lovely things that you can't do once there are little ones running around.  Productive, fulfilling days at their respective jobs, and always, always love at home - remembering where they came from, and where they need to go.  These two are goal makers, and I wish them dreams come true.  Happy Valentine's Day, my Texas sweethearts.

Tim and Autumn - I wish them the baby they are dreaming of.  I wish them the knowledge of how great a love you can have for a family of your own.  I wish they would move closer (oh wait - that's MY wish, not necessarily theirs...)  Happy Valentine's Day, my Big Apple couple.

And last - but not least - Andrew.  For him I wish a purpose.  Somewhere to go, and something to do every day.  Warmer days.  A patient, quality friend.  Maybe two.  Knowledge that his family loves him.  Happy Valentine's Day, Andrew.

Our table all set for our Valentine's Day dinner. The red cups will be filled with silver Hershey's kisses.  Two extra guests?  Nope... just we two...

That leaves the man of my dreams.  My sweet L.  Sender of Valentine's Day flowers (a day early!)  Chef extraordinaire.  The vacuum commandeer.  The one who will give up his Saturday plans to help me have a "fun" Saturday (he schedules many chores on Saturday).  Sadly, I am a slacker who sometimes just wants to have some irresponsible fun.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently not, says this wonderful man who will walk away from a dirty car and take me to the movies or to the mall instead.  The man who ignores his own aches and pains, and instead bends down to rub my feet.  Life is good with him by my side, come what may.  And in 13 years, we've had our share of "come what may." So to him I declare with a heart full of love: Happy Valentine's Day, LaMar.  Long may we run.


  1. This is sweet and touching, dear karen. I hope every reader takes a moment to scroll down the right side of your blog and look at the pictures of your beautiful family. You are blessed to have them and they are equally blessed to have you. It pains me that they are scattered far and wide across the country but your love has reach and I know they all feel it. LaMar is also blessed to have such a devoted wife in his corner. Happy Valentine's day to all of you!

  2. That is the best post ever...so thoughtful and full of love for kiddos and hubby...hope all the wishes come true for you and them. Have a great day and enjoy that beautiful tablescape while you dine...since there are 2 extra places, maybe Jack and I can make it by dinner! Ha! Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Karen! I loved the messages of love and support for each family member. They all sound like really wonderful people who add love and kindness to the world. My valentine wish for you is that you are healed from pain and that you are blessed with a visit to see those precious kids!

  4. What terrific wishes, filled with love! You two have created a wonderful family unit, strong, yet full of love. I am so glad your parents are staying strong, and I hope your aunt's house sells quickly.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  5. I LOVE these Valentine's pictures Mom! So artistic :) Missing you today! I'll facetime you later to tell you about my morning :)

  6. This post really touched me!! It's wonderful how much love you have for those around you. Happy Valentine's Day Karen :)

  7. What a beautiful post. I'll pray that all your wishes come true. Happy Valentine's Day to you.


  8. Perfect post full of love for Valentine's day!

    I too, love some irresponsible fun and am grateful for Splenda Daddy who will sneak away to play with me on occasion!!

  9. Love your valentine to the family. You know it's right up my alley.

    No wonder we relate so well. You are a girl after my own heart.

    Happy Valentine's Day (heartfelt, though late).


  10. what a lovey post! full of love for those who love you back!!
    happy weekend.

  11. I got the happiest smile reading your post--Happy V back to you too!!..All the best with the Lehi home..

  12. I have some messy but cute pics of the kids enjoying some chocolate fondue on Valentines Day talk to ya soon


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