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The best things in life are free.
The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Doings in the 'Hood

It's Easter week.  I can't believe how it's been sneaking up on me, so stealthy and quiet.  Perhaps because there are no little ones around to whisper Easter Bunny secrets to or to fill beautiful Easter baskets for.  I do miss all of that.  I have always been the Easter Bunny.  Late nights arranging baskets for sleeping children to wake up to.  Not too much candy, and what there was had to be beautiful.  Pastel M&Ms, Jelly Bellies that were as delicious as they were brightly colored.  Chocolate bunnies were a must, and when palates were more discerning, a See's chocolate egg.  A scattering of spring colored foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.  A special little gift or two.  My kids got Easter baskets until they were grown up and gone.  It was a little shameful, but I loved doing it so much.  And now it's my kids' turn to do the same for their own little ones.  I wish they lived closer so I could still join in the fun, but I made sure to send a little love and fun of my own in the mail.

My table is all set in Easter mode, and this year L gave me a special treat: the white bunnies from Pottery Barn that hold the mercury glass colored eggs, the crocheted lace table runner, and some beautiful beaded glass plates.  Oh, and 3 mercury glass votive holders.  I'd been looking at the catalog for days, trying to figure out how to make my table as sparkly and spring-like as Pottery Barn's.  No matter what I tried, or how I arranged and rearranged, I couldn't capture The Look.  One night L whisked me away to PB and had me pick some things out.  Just between you and me, he loves to have pretty things as much as I do.  He's got that designer's eye.  And there was a bonus: it was all on sale!  Yes, apparently that's what happens if you look at the catalog long enough and the holiday looms near.  It all goes on sale - what luck!  The drawback is that some things were gone, like the little jewel colored dessert plates.  But we moved on, and decided we loved the clear beaded ones just as much.  My table is soft and glowing, with a sparkle or two here and there to catch the eye.  Just exactly what I was hoping for...

Katie took the little girls to see the Easter Bunny.  They were dressed in their springtime finery and looked so sweet.  Hayden was so excited she even allowed her hair to be curled, and a fancy headband placed on her head.  She's growing up so fast.  She is still a Grumpy Old Troll Girl sometimes (her own words, not mine), but more often when we talk, she will giggle and tell me all about life.  Mia is deep into school, and friends, and all things silly, and she is looking forward to my visit in a few weeks.  (Me too!)  We will have tea parties, play Princess, and Barbies.  Mia and I are planning to have lobster.  We don't know where, or how, but we will have lobster.

The plans are taking off for Mom and Dad's anniversary bash.  The guests have been invited, dinner and dessert arranged for, and "the gift" is in the works.  I will pick up Stage 1 on Thursday, and I'm hoping against hope that "Stage 2" will be completed in time.  It will be a really good evening.  I was talking to my sister in law about it yesterday on the phone and I got all teary eyed just thinking about it. I think when you get older, everything makes you cry...  Oh, and Dad just called to see if I was still on for taking him to work tomorrow.  He said my mom got her new hearing aids today.  Hallelujah - she can hear, and, in my dad's words, it was a "marvelous day" all around.

Now just when I thought I had my time all planned and organized, I found out (on Facebook!) last night that Rex, Ronna, and the kids will be in town next week!  Ronna's sweet grandma passed away, and they'll be here for the funeral.  Not a happy occasion, to be sure, but I have to admit I can't wait to see those kids!  Time will be limited (trying to make time for 2 families is always a stretch and a sacrifice) so we'll have to make the most of what we have.  My brother and his family will also be here next week (for mom and dad's party) and I'm really hoping his little girl, Ari, and Lexi can meet up.  Lexi was born just one day before Ari, so it would be fun for them to meet.  Perhaps we can have an early birthday gathering for the 2 of them.  Gah - so many things to think about!  My noggin feels like it's going to explode, sometimes...

First things first.  Tomorrow is girl's day with Mom.  We'll drop Dad off at work for his "boy's business day," and I've tentatively planned to go to the mall, shop for a dress, maybe shoes, hit Sephora for some necessities, and have some lunch.  Sounds exhausting, but it's always better to have someone along, than to do it by myself.  Hopefully Mom will be my willing companion.
Thursday morning is devoted to dealing with The Gift and it's accompanying details.
Friday... who knows?  Probably trying to figure out what we're doing on Easter Sunday.  What to eat, etc.  You'd think I'd have that planned out, wouldn't you?  No... I've just planned the table... and have admired it every time I pass by.
And after Easter?  Gearing up for the party, trying to connect with the Denver clan, and attempting to fit work into all of the above.  Too much, sometimes... just too much.  But I would hate to miss a second of it.

And if that weren't enough, I realize I need to get some real Easter spirit into my life.  Calm down.  Think about what's important.  Center myself.  I was looking for a little something along those lines to give to a friend (along with a little bundle of chocolate) and I found this poem written by my good friend Sue Anderson.  It says exactly what I want to keep in mind - not just for now, but each and every day.  Not always easy.  We all have our days, after all.  But please calm your mind and enjoy, if only for a minute.  Happy Easter, all!

The Savior's Art

If I accept His sacrifice divine,
Returning love for love as He has done;
If I forget myself and touch the one
Whose sorrows weigh as heavily as mine;
Then will I weave my thread in His design,
That great design the Master's hand has spun;
Wherein salvation through His blood is won,
And all are fed and nurtured on His vine.
If I reach our and calm a troubled heart,
Or let another heal the rift in me;
If, in distress, I take another's part,
As Jesus took mine in Gethsemane;
Then I embrace the Savior's loving art,
And honor Him throughout eternity.

- Susan Noyes Anderson


  1. I love Sue's poem and you have such grace and style! I'm fixing my last Easter basket this week 😢

  2. Your table setting is beautiful, whimsical and tasteful, dear karen. I hope everybody takes time to click, enlarge and appreciate what you and L have done to prepare for Easter.

    You have a large and wonderful family, dear friend, and I can understand why you feel overwhelmed as you plan so many special events throughout the year. Your time management and organizational skills are constantly being put to the test. I am reminded of the guy who appeared many times on The Ed Sullivan Show - the man who spun plates atop wooden poles. Do you remember his act? He was required to race up and down the line of poles, giving each plate a fresh spin before it stopped and crashed to the floor. It was the very definition of "hectic." Try to remember that poor fellow next time you are swamped with family responsibilities. Smile and appreciate having such a delightful family with so many beautiful children and more on the way. You are loved and needed by them all. I wish you and yours a very happy Easter, dear friend karen!

  3. Hi Karen!!! Your table set-up is awesome! I hope you have a wonderful Easter :)

  4. As always I'm impressed by your energy! So many fun things to do but the planning can be crazy! You have it all under control though. I love your Easter table. So pretty...who needs food? OK, maybe that might be important. Have fun at all your family events.Happy Easter! I'm sitting in the airport waiting for our flight...yikes!

  5. I LOOOVEEE your Easter decorations! And the plans for your parents' bash sound terrific already- what a fun time that will be! The Easter Bunny is going to enjoy hopping over to your house!

  6. You're so much nicer than I am. My kids got the same Easter basket every year (with new candy, of course) until I got sick of even doing that much and said, Here's some money. If you want candy from the Easter bunny, go buy it.


  7. Your table looks so warm and inviting, Karen. Wish we were going to be there to eat with you!


    PS. That was the first poem I had published in the Ensign. Glad you liked it!

  8. Your table is so fabulous. I just love how you weave your artistic flair into everything.

  9. all my kids got Easter baskets too...even the college graduates. i asked them if they still wanted one and they shouted, "Yes!" and happily took their candy with them when they left...
    Easter blessings to you..


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