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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Plane to Boston

Tomorrow morning I get on a Boston-bound plane.  I'm so excited to see my daughter and Mia and Hayden.  And Zach.  It's just that I don't suppose I'll see much of Zach as he spends most of his time at the hospital, but it'll be good to see him here and there.
I have a niece on my husband's side of the family who was running in the Boston Marathon today.  Luckily, Kaylene is a good runner, and was already finished and done when the blasts occurred.  But I didn't know that, and I was frantic.  I left a very sobby message on her cell phone to call me.  IMMEDIATELY.  Then I remembered she was running and probably wouldn't/couldn't call me.  Tried to call her mom (my husband's sister) but I don't have her cell number so I had L call her.  Long story short, she is fine.  Her husband is fine.  All is well with them.  They were in the Medical Tent when the the explosions went off.  They were immediately directed out of the tent to make room for the injured.  They are on their way out of the city now, going to their friends' house, but it was hard to get anywhere for a while as the city pretty much shut down right around them.  What a horrific experience.  For all of us.  I don't know what's worse - being in the middle of the fray, or being far away and not knowing what's going on.  I guess what's worse is being one of the casualties or injured persons.  It was horrific, and still, I can't tear myself away from the TV.  (Yes, it's on while I write this.)

While I'm very excited to go on my trip tomorrow, it's put a damper on the travel portion of it.  I'm sure any airport is going to be a mess with heightened security (and rightfully so).  I can't even imagine what Boston will be like.  I'm glad that it will be a whole week before I have to fly out of it again.  And there's just the general nervousness that accompanies any flight.    Only this time it will be really amped up - for me, anyway.  I'm not normally afraid to fly, but the events today just sent chills up my spine.  For those of you who are Facebook friends, I'll send a thankful thumbs up when we safely land.

I don't understand this kind of terrorist message.  Or the messengers.  It's just pure evil.  The small silver lining is that tragedies like this bring out the best in people.  I saw runners whipping off their t-shirts to help wrap wounds.  I saw brave firemen and policemen putting themselves in danger to save others.  Medical personnel standing their ground in the midst of pure chaos.  Onlookers at the marathon were doing whatever they could to help people up and get them out of danger.  Native Bostonians opening their homes to runners and their families who are stranded and can't get home or to their hotels.  People are inherently good, especially in the face of evil.  While we hate to come face to face with evil, it does get our attention, but it makes us stronger - just that simple choice of good over evil.  Kindness over apathy.  More determined - angry that it happened yet again, and determined to shore up our vigilance.  More aware that kindness and generosity of spirit can heal.

Heaven help us.  A lot more prayer and spiritual thought would not be a bad thing.  Standing firm and not allowing ourselves to become jaded and complacent would be even better.  Being strong pillars and leaders in our communities would be best.  Because we're going to need great courage to stand up and fight back against evil like this.  More backbone.  Less political correctness and stupid nonsense.  If you suppose we can think good thoughts and sit in front of our TVs, hoping for the best to get a good outcome, think again.  We need to wake up and realize the wolf is at the door.

I'll get on that plane tomorrow, and I'll have a great week with my girlies.  Cape Cod, lobster dinner, tea parties, all of it.  I'll come back home in a week with tons of new memories and pictures to show.  But damn whoever was responsible for the chaos and tragedy today, for making me just a little bit nervous to get on the plane.  For marring my anticipated reunion with these two darling girls with a terrorist act.

Dance Recital - Mia was a clown, Hayden a tightrope walker.


  1. Have a wonderful time... Godspeed, safe travels... and much joy to you. There are more wonderful people who are running to aid the hurting than there are those who are bent on destroying.... You're right though, it's hard to comprehend the evil of the few.

  2. This time I'm really shaken. I don't get it.

    I hope your trip isn't too stressful because of the chaos.

  3. Praying for your settled heart and mind and a wonderful trip to family. It's just awful and I find myself fixated with it as well. I don't understand what could make anyone do these things.
    Two of our boys ran in the Monument 10K in Richmond, Va and it sends chills down my spine to think, 'There but for the Grace of God'.
    Hug those darlings for me and have a lovely trip. Best way to survive the awfulness.

  4. Shortly after the terrible news broke about this latest act of terror my thoughts turned to you, karen, and your upcoming trip to Massachusetts. I am sick at heart knowing that an 8 year old was killed in the attack and I am sad knowing that this event has put a damper on your spirits at a time when you should be filled with joy and anticipation. If it is any consolation please consider the fact that the safest time to travel is immediately after a terror attack because of the heightened security and awareness across the country. I pray that you will have an enjoyable visit with your loved ones and return home to Orange County relaxed and happy and ready to share pictures galore. Blessings to you, dear friend karen!

  5. Thank goodness your family members are OK. I was working late and was trying to keep plated via twitter (when nobody was looking). So horrible and difficult to understand

  6. Karen, I didn't hear about the Boston tragedy until I rec'd an e-mail from a relative. I was glad (for lack of a better word) that since we've moved into our new home, we don't have any TV yet. Because, I too, find it hard to stay away from watching and hearing about tragic news....Why is that, I wonder? Wouldn't it be awesome if "the people who decide what is and isn't news" would start showing ONLY GOOD NEWS. Sometimes it's really hard to remember that there is so much more good in the world, than evil....Ahhh, but I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said before....I wish you a wonderful, safe trip and I look forward to hearing all about it next week! Hugs...

  7. You travel safe. We'll be sending loving thoughts to the folks affected by this madness.

  8. So glad to hear that your family members are ok my friend. Have safe travels. We are all Bostonians today...

  9. Yes. People are inherently good. Hold onto that belief.


  10. I hope you enjoy your time with family. We cannot let cowards like those who set bombs to hurt the innocent dictate how we will live. We must go on and let good triumph over this evil. I know you'll fly safe. I'm always a bit nervous when flying, but it will be a much safer time right now. So enjoy those beautiful girls and have some lobster for me!


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