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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Go Time.

It's go time.  I've picked up the gift for my parents.  It's just beautiful, and I'll be sure to share what it is after the party, along with some pictures from the celebration.  The menu is planned, guests have responded, plans are in place.

My sister in law has worked hard doing the dinner and dessert portion of the evening.  It's their club we're holding the event at.  She is a tireless worker, whereas I am sluggish and prone to procrastination.  By the time I asked, "What can I do to help you?" it was already done.  And beautifully done, I might add.  We'll have dinner, just our parents, siblings, and spouses.  It will be quiet, intimate, and a special time with all of us together.

After dinner we'll adjourn to another room where there will be an ice cream sundae bar and, if I'm not mistaken, triple chocolate cake.  *I do hope I'm not mistaken* This is where the 30 or so friends, plus any grandchildren who are in the area, will join us for dessert and entertainment.  My sister in law hired a magician (this part is mostly for my dad), and a friend of hers will come and sing some beautiful love songs for us - but she will start with "On The Road To Mandalay," which is not a love song at all, of course, but is ingrained in all of the four kids' collective memory as a song my dad always - like almost daily - *tried* to sing.  He is tone deaf and none of us really know what the tune sounds like, but on Wednesday night we will.  I have a feeling that I'll always remember and prefer my Dad's rendition, however.

L and I put together a special frame that has a current picture of my mom and dad topping my friend Sue Anderson's beautiful poem "Fruit of the Vine."  L designed the layout, complete with a beautiful vine graphic, and it will go into the frame surrounded by a thick mat.  Each guest can then sign their name on the mat and include a special message and good wishes.  It will be a nice memory and keepsake from the evening.  I'll be sure to include a picture of the total project and the verse after the party.  It's so lovely, and every time I read it I tear up.  (Thank you Sue! XOXO)

The gift we are giving them is also very special, and I think they'll love it.  I keep running downstairs today to look at it again and again.  It gets my heart every time I see it.

My special dress for the occasion?  Never happened.  I looked.  And looked.  And came home very discouraged.  So I will wear something I already have, and it will be fine.  After all, I'm not the star of the show tomorrow.  That role is for Mom and Dad.  And I'm hoping that the whole evening will shimmer and shine for them.  They deserve it.  60 years together deserves some glitz for their truly great accomplishment, and a sweet glance back to the days when life was simple, and everything was in front of them.

More to come in a day or two.  Right now, it's go time.


  1. Sixty years -- that's wonderful. Happy anniversary to them.


  2. The love pours out of you, dear karen. I feel it. You are a wonderful daughter and it grabs me by the heart to realize how much you love your parents. It is obvious that you are devoting full time attention to this anniversary celebration to make sure it is as special as possible. I know it will be and I am eager to see the gift and all the happy faces of those in attendance.

  3. It sounds absolutely perfect. And truly worthy of a big celebration!

  4. I so wish I was there with everyone to celebrate! Gosh I love them!

  5. Your parents look terrific! And the celebration sounds so lovely- just perfect! Can't wait to see the pics~

  6. I look forward to seeing what the gift is! They look so in love still :)

  7. I can't wait to see the gift. I love your excitement and eye for detail. Have a wonderful time and I'm sure you will look perfect for the event! And congrats to your parents.

  8. I am really excited for all of you. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!!


  9. What a lovely memory in the making! Sixty years is indeed phenomenal! Have a wonderful time and please share my best wishes to your parents. They have to be lovely and wonderful to have raised a loving and fun daughter!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  10. What a special evening! I can't wait to see the gift and hear how much they enjoyed all the wonderful love! The ice cream sundae and triple chocolate cake sounds absolutely divine.

  11. I hope everything turns out perfect! Sounds like so much has been put into this celebration and more than anything, the love you all have for your parents is really felt. Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing all you've planned! Love the pic of your parents, so handsome and beautiful!


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