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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Changing Things Up

I hate to sound egotistical, but this past week has pretty much been all about me.  For the past two months L and I have been counting calories and carefully planning our meals.  Well, me more than him - how is it fair that men can eat more calories (like a LOT more), exercise the same, and still lose more weight than we ladies can?  Fair or not, I have to be extra vigilant about what I eat or choose not to eat just to make the scale move in a downward direction.  But it's paying off - 15 pounds, my friends!  It's actually been more like 20 pounds, but 15 since I started this little regimen of ours.  A few clothes are too loose, most are comfortable (at last) and a few things are fitting again after a long while of being too small/tight.  I've not bought many new things as I think I'll be down a size after another 5 pounds or so.  I'd rather wait for that.  But I can now wear a size medium instead of large.  What's next?  A small?  Why not, I say - the sky's the limit, and I still have 25 more pounds to reach my goal. 

This week marked the start of me taking on extra tasks at work while a coworker is taking her mandatory 60 days off.  The particular things I had to learn are detailed and complicated, and I was sweating bullets all week trying to make sure it all went well.  So far, so good.  I only had a couple of days training with her over the phone and video conferencing to learn.  It's hard to think of everything that could happen - every possible scenario - in that short amount of time.  And actually, the first time I had to execute this particular task, I goofed it all up.  But it was a good thing - really - because it forced me to think my way out of it, and things started to make sense, instead of being something I was doing just from memory.  But I went to bed really early that night, completely worn out.

And gosh - that's pretty much it.  How boring - losing weight, and learning new tricks at work.  Oh wait - my eye infection finally HEALED!!  It was an entire month I had that thing.  I practically kissed my contacts when we were finally able to become one again.  And makeup.  I'd forgotten how nice I could actually look, and it was a pleasant treat to view myself with makeup again.  So there's that.

Our Mia finally lost her front tooth this past week.  Just like her mama - a total victory when that tooth finally broke loose.  It was hanging by a thread for almost a week, but no one had the chutzpah to just yank it out.  So she worked on it and wiggled it and wiggled it.  And this is what happened:

Wish I could have been there, but I hear the tooth fairy wrote her a very glittery thank you note accompanied by an equally glittery dollar.

Not to be outdone, sister Hayden has been practicing her party tricks:

 She definitely doesn't take after me.  Sadly.  Numbers and me were never friends...  She just got enrolled for preschool in the fall, and she should take it by storm.  This girl is no shrinking violet.

And that about wraps up the week.  Except for one thing.  I totally whacked my hair off.  Again.  I was afraid I wouldn't like it, but as luck would have it, I really really do.  Katie likes my long hair better.  Maybe lots of people will.  But I needed a change.  I'm having kind of a big milestone birthday this year.  We won't mention which one just yet, but it's definitely a milestone.  I've just lost 20 pounds, and will lose even more before I'm done.  My face has thinned down.  Everything has miraculously shrunk down.  Dare I say it, I'm starting to look a little sassy.  And I needed a change to reflect that, and to celebrate a little bit.  So I celebrated by changing my hair.  Switching up my look.  I tried all day to take a selfie that did the new do justice, and I wasn't successful.  This is the hairstyle I was going for:

So if you can just ignore the gorgeous 18 year old and picture the same thing on me, this is it:

It's layered with lots of movement, and it's super SUPER easy.  Dries and styles in just a few minutes.  Bike riding?  Just pull off that bike helmet and ruffle it up and it looks just fine.  For now, I'm very happy.  Best news is that I got invited to be one of the hair models in a class at my salon next month.  It'll be some new technique, and that's what will make it look a whole lot more interesting than it does right now.   And at no charge - WOOT!  So stay tuned.  My look is ever changing, along with life in general.  I'm just getting in shape so I can stay nimble.

Finally, I want to wish my son Scott a very happy birthday.  His birthday is June 3rd, and I wish like anything I could have been there to celebrate with him.  He invited me to come, but the flight prices were not in my favor.  He is turning 30 - the same age I was when I had him.  It seems incredible, but there you go.  Life just keeps happening.  Children get to be the same age you were just yesterday.  And you get to be an age that you thought was reserved for your mother.  Or your grandmother.  And you realize it's not so bad after all. Beauty comes in all ages and sizes, after all.


  1. OH, i LOVE the new do! I'm afraid I won't be twining that look though. I'd be all round faced and moon faced, but I did use to wear that look back in high school! You look fantastic. I love the thought of you just shaking it out and dashing off to another adventure!
    Good for you your eyes are all better and you can have fun with the make up box again!

    Happy Birthday to you and Scott (I have a Scott as well)!
    Much love~

  2. karen, to say I am impressed by your weight loss achievements would be an understatement. Way to go, kiddo! You should replace Marie Osmond on TV as the new spokeswoman for getting the job done and just plain looking fabulous. The important thing now is to get "anchored" to your success. Each and every one of us needs to decide which is more important to us - eating that big hunk of chocolate cake or staying fit and looking great. You continue to make the right choices and I salute you! It's good to know your eye is back to normal and WOW, I think you absolutely did the right thing by getting your hair cut short. As you know I was in favor of a shorter style and you totally rock it! You look like Janet (Joyce DeWitt) on Three's Company on her best day. When I look at the last two pictures in this post I see TWO gorgeous 18 year olds... not just one! You could pass for Mia's big sister. I know that work is a challenge for you this week but you will surely perform better now that you're looking and feeling so good. The harder we are on ourselves (in terms of discipline, eating right, exercise, etc.) the easier life is on us. Congratulations and have a wonderful day and weekend, dear friend karen!

  3. Happy birthday to Scott and congrats on the weight loss!! That's a tremendous accomplishment.

  4. whoohoo! Congratulations on all the good news- you rock, girl! I love the hair style and have been contemplating going shorter myself. Life just gets better as we get older, doesn't it?

  5. So cute! Your hair looks great! Good for you on the weight loss and just doing what's good for you. I bet you feel so wonderful... and it's showing. I just got a haircut this week too, about 3 inches off ... maybe I'll work myself up to a short "do" too!

  6. I am lovin' that do on you!!
    Glad you had the nerve to go for it. You're becoming a brand new YOU, which is fun, isn't it?!

  7. Awesome, Karen! Really, that is a huge accomplishment. I've started going back the wrong way on the scale recently. Not being vigilant enough about portions and calories makes a huge difference and it takes an incredible amount of discipline.
    I'm so happy for you!

  8. Let's see...Scott is turning 30..the same age you were when you had him..hmmmm...I'm not believing that! You look great with a short do! I think you will really enjoy it. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm so jealous...I need to jump on your bandwagon...well, for now I would have to climb up really slowly...Good job and hand in there with work. It's your year, enjoy it!

  9. I LOVE the hair! And good for you, losing 15 pounds. I admit to being jealous.

    Believe it or not, my little sister has lost 50 pounds! She looks amazing. It took her six months of eating 800 calories a day.

    Not sure if I have that in me...



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