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Friday, June 14, 2013

Normal Weeks Are So... Normal...

Once again, I've gotten lost somewhere along the way this week.  You would think that I have so much going on that I just can't fit in a moment to blog.  Not true.  At all.  It's been deadly dull, and that's the true reason for not posting.  A real ball of fire trudging down the hall at 8:30 - 9:00 every morning to fire up the laptop and see what the day has in store for me.  From Monday morning through Thursday afternoon it's been a bare half day of work.  And even that was a stretch.  This is not good for my bank account.  Not at all...

Oh wait - we did have a quick stroke of excitement this week: Katie found out she is having a BOY! 

After 2 girls, she is very excited to welcome a little bit more testosterone into the sea of estrogen that currently resides at their house.  I've been trying all week to picture what a little boy will look like, but I'm afraid I'll have to just wait and see.  So we'll have a new little boy of Rex and Ronna's in July, and then another one in October/early November.  L and I are pretty excited - well, as much as L ever gets excited, he's excited.  Low-key is his middle name.

I got the laundry done on Monday in record time.  I've cooked some stellar dinners, including one of my old Martha Stewart recipes I'd never had a chance to try: Shrimp Corn Chowder.  If anyone is interested, I'll post it - incredibly easy and so full of summer flavor and freshness.  I made it with almond milk instead of the called-for half and half (Martha would not be pleased) but it was still rich and thick and so, so good.  And (best of all) because of the milk switcheroo, it was still in my calorie range for the day.  These days, one of the biggest causes of excitement is getting to eat something that seems decadent, but isn't.  This was one of those times, and I was stoked.

I don't even remember what happened Tuesday.  Apparently nothing.  I may have sat outside on the patio in my bathing suit for a little while, but that's about it.  The good thing about that is that my bathing suit is too loose.  Simple pleasures.  I'll have to get a new one in a smaller size, and I'm not sad about it one bit.  Oh now I remember: I went to see my niece Sherri, who was in town for her baby shower.  I needed to give her my gift, and visit with her for awhile.  She looked adorable, and we're all looking forward to her beautiful little Harper's arrival.  I found myself wishing I'd looked that cute when I was pregnant.  You know the type: teeny tiny with a bump just right in front.  I was round ALL.THE.WAY. AROUND.  Not cute.

Wednesday is my day with Mom.  We drove Dad out to Corona and saw that the other side of the freeway was jammed up for miles.  And miles.  So on the way back, we had a little adventure in navigation and took surface streets.  Mom is no help with this.  She couldn't find her car in a parking lot, but I kind of pride myself on a good sense of direction.  My brother pointed us in the right direction and we followed the bread crumbs over surface streets, saving ourselves at least an hour of freeway frustration.  It was kind of a weird day - cloudy and humid.  We don't often get thick air in Southern California, but it was one of those rare days.  We lunched and noshed at Mimi's Cafe, and before we knew it, my brother drove up with Dad and the day came to an end.

Thursday brought an arthritis flareup.  This time it's in my left wrist.  Very stiff and sore, and I wish it would go away.  It's bearable, but irritating.  I think I'll try zapping it with my little Tens Unit tonight.  I always forget to try that.  It's funny how a low dose of electrical current sometimes breaks up a pattern of inflammation.  That evening I was too tired to go out bike riding so we stayed in.  Once every 2 weeks or so I hit a wall and have to take a night off.  That night, I think just trying to ignore a stiff and sore wrist did me in.  I can always temporarily up the dosage of one of my medications but it takes a good 5 hours or so to grab hold.  Ugh...

Which brings me to today - Friday.  I really thought today would be more of the same scant work schedule, but all of a sudden the work started to pile on.  That always cheers me up because I see dollar signs.  Lots of them.  And from the look of things, I'll be busy next week too, so I'm feeling good about that.  Summer time is very slow in my line of work, so when things pick up it's a wave I like to jump on.

I went over to see my aunt at around 4:00 or so.  I thought I would only be there an hour or so, but I could tell she really wanted me to stay and have some dinner with her, so I did.  We sat in a separate dining room and visited over our salads, and I may have eaten a couple of the meatballs off of her spaghetti.  After dinner the facility wound up the Cruise Week they'd been having with a little hour of wine sipping, getting the inmates loose and ready for the Elvis impersonator who was coming at 6:00.  My aunt really wanted to see Elvis, but I knew if I left she'd just go to her room, so I stayed for a bit for the show.  He was really awful, but he was so cute playing up to the ladies.  He kissed their hands, and posed for pictures, and took them for twirls around the floor.  He reached out and held my aunt's hand for a minute, and I saw a little smile on her face.  It was worth watching just for that.

Tomorrow I need to prepare for Father's Day.  We're having Mom and Dad, and two of my brothers and their wives over for dinner.  And one niece.  Incredibly, all of the other nieces and nephews are going to be elsewhere.  It always feels so odd to have everyone grown up with families of their own.  And I have to fit in some time to make L feel special. 

Give him his gift, and do whatever he wants to do - probably go for a long bike ride in the hot sun, if I know him.  He likes to ride out past Angel Stadium and back, so it's the least I can do for my partner in crime.  Because the rest of the day will be devoted to a trip to Costco and Trader Joe's, cleaning off the patio table and chairs, and doing some cooking.  It's going to be a busy day.  I had such big plans for the family gathering on Sunday, but the closer it gets, the more willing I am to just do "something easy."  It tends to make me a better hostess.  As long as we have plenty of food and lots of dessert, Dad will be happy.  He's gotten his appetite back, and is enjoying being alive again, so it will be a good time together with everyone.

But next week, I need to work on getting some jazz into my routine.  Find something to get excited about.  Something besides finding a Trader Joe's version of a Rice Krispies Treat for only 100 calories.  I mean, that was huge, but it really shouldn't light up my week as much as it did.  Diets really do skew your judgement, don't they?

Tip of the week: Check out Passenger on i-Tunes.  Specifically their "All The Little Lights" CD.  I started out loving the song "Let Her Go," but found the entire CD irresistible.  Had to get it.  You're welcome.  

Some of my favorite "Daddy" pictures: 

 The first two are Rex with Lexi, the third with Matthew

Zach and Mia

Have a great weekend.  Go give that Dad and/or husband a special bit of attention and adoration.  They totally deserve it for all they do. 


  1. Your week sounded pretty good to me! But I do wish you a happy weekend as you bustle around making good eats and sprucing up the patio! We're finally getting a Trader Joe's here in Austin later this summer. Wishing you many new 100 calorie delights scattered throughout your coming days!

    1. I'm always looking for that next delicious thing that won't send me over the calorie bend.

  2. well if you can't get what you love
    you learn to love the things you've got
    if you can't be what you want
    you learn to be the things you're not
    if you can't get what you need
    you learn to need the things that stop you dreaming
    all the things that stop you dreaming

    Hi, dear karen! Passenger deserves to be heard and I thank you for turning me on to the song and the album. In seminars I learned: "This is it." "It" is not some other place and time. "It" is right here and right now. Again, thank you!

    I'm so happy to know that your dad has his appetite back just in time to enjoy Father's Day with you.

    Isn't it nice that boys are making a comeback in your girl heavy family? That's wonderful news.

    If you post the recipe for shrimp corn chowder I'll show it to Mrs. Shady because it seems like the type of dish both she and I enjoy.

    Dear friend, how many women are facing the first day of summer with the problem you have - a swimsuit that's too loose? :) You are unstoppable!

    I'm feeling your arthritic flare-up right along with you. I have three words that might help: Simponi Simponi Simponi.

    Happy Father's Day to you and your whole family, dear friend karen!

    1. Thanks Shady - I'll post it for you next time. Its soooo good!

  3. Oh my...I love your normal weeks! Your posts crack me up, make me smile, and teach me a lesson or two.

    That is so exciting about a grandson coming your way. Those two little girls will be so cute with a brother.

    1. You need to quit posting things like "Rich Brownie Pie Dessert." You're killing me, Lesa!

  4. SO excited that you are will have a new little grandson! I was looking at all your grands on the sidebar - they are all so darling!!
    I think that alot goes in to an ordinary week - life itself has pazzazz - Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow spoiling the men in your life :-D

    1. It was a good day with everyone. Hope you all had fun too - but knowing you, that's a given!

  5. So much going on for you. How exciting about the boy!


    1. Yep, we're very girl heavy right now, so we're excited about the little guys coming our way.

  6. All in all it sounds like a great week that was. Congrats to Katie!! Happy Sunday my friend :)

  7. And this is a DULL week?

    So happy for Katie!

    And loved your favorite fathers pics.


    1. Well, I always feel like my every day stuff is not that interesting, but I do keep busy. Sometimes when you start out it seems boring but it gets better in the telling.

  8. Cute Father's Day pics...Happy Father's Day to L and I hope his day was fun. Congrats on the new boys coming into your family! That's exciting! Also congrats on the loose swimsuit..that's really exciting too! Have a good busy week! P.S...Glad you Dad is getting back to good health and I hope he had a great day today too!

    1. I have my eye on just the suit! On sale, too. And Dad? Yep, he just kept eating and was a happy camper.

  9. Two new boys in the family, they'll be some new sheriffs in town :)

    1. Yep - you'd better believe that! They all have their own little personalities.


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