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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

When Kitchen Shears Are Sharper Than Your Brain

I had the most interesting day today.  Full of excitement and anticipation, as well as deep despair and an overwhelming desire to sit in a corner sucking my thumb.  A small microcosm of life's extremes all rolled up and stuffed into one crazy hour this afternoon.

In my last post, I told you about ordering the BBQ smoker box and the Cuisinart ice cream maker.  I've been checking my emails every day and tracking when they would arrive, and TODAY WAS THE DAY!  I was giddy with excitement.  When the UPS truck pulled up it was all I could do to keep myself from meeting the driver at the door.  *Waggling eyebrows. How YOU doin'?*  I stood out of sight until he drove away, and then flung open the front door and snatched my precious package inside.  Hefted it around the corner into the kitchen.  The smoker box came out first.  It was awesome - just want we'll be wanting for our summer BBQs.  On to the ice cream maker, which was inside another huge box.  Opened that box up.  More packaging.  Got through that.  Everything was wrapped in separate plastic bags and/or styrofoam packaging.  GAH - this is going to take all day to unwrap!

Got the two separate freezer bowls free.  The crank got unwrapped, as did the outside plastic thingy that goes over the freezer bowl.  Now for the unit itself.  It was encased in a large plastic bag that had been twisted at a certain point (to make it tight I thought) and then taped.  I looked at the tape winding around the twisted plastic and thought the tape might just make me crazy trying to get it undone.  And then I had a brilliant thought:  I will just cut that twisted plastic off and the rest of the bag will loosen and lift right off.  And so I did.  Snip, snip.  With my Williams Sonoma kitchen shears.  Like butter.

And suddenly I was looking at the raw wires in a cord.  In horror, I looked at the twisted plastic in my other hand and saw more raw wires sticking out of a cord.  Sweet mother of huge boo boos - I had cut the cord in two!!  I almost started crying.  Right there with two cord ends in my hands.  What to do, WHAT TO DO??  And how would I explain this latest burst of lunacy to L?

I ran upstairs and called Williams Sonoma.  I sat on hold for 25 minutes.  They were experiencing unusually long hold times, the message said.  In desperation I started to order another ice cream maker online (they were on sale and the sale ended today), and then I saw it on the screen: ONLINE CHAT.  I started a conversation with the online customer service rep, and when I told her the problem (i.e. the cord whackage) I asked her please not to laugh.  She replied that she wasn't going to until I told her not to.  Long story short, they are sending me another red ice cream maker.  That's right - ANOTHER ONE.  As in, no charge.  I don't even have to send the ruined one back.  The customer service rep's name was Karen.  If that's not karma, I don't know what is.

I am stoked.  I've never been treated so royally by anyone I've done business with, and I have to say that Williams Sonoma has won my loyalty.  Forever.  If I was ever tempted to sneak over to Sur La Table and sample their wares, that temptation is gone.  I will look the other way as I pass their store in the mall.  To make things even better - the gold at the end of the rainbow - Williams Sonoma is rushing my order out.  I could kiss that whole company.  Really and truly.  I could be making ice cream by this time next week.

And what of the ruined unit?  I took it over to my father in law, who is a whiz with all things electrical.  He looked at it and said it would be easy to fix the cord, so they are now the proud owners of a new red Cuisinart ice cream maker.  With a soon-to-be-fixed-cord.  I like it when I can pay my good fortune forward.  I like it even better when my crap fortune suddenly turns to gold like it did today.  And the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, is that I gave Williams Sonoma's customer service department the best laugh they'd had all day.  Today was all about customer service at it's best, and me right in the middle of it, basking in the glow of being a valued customer.  It was sweet.

Next time I will let L open the box.  Apparently the thought of ice cream gets me a little too excited.


  1. That is SO awesome Karen! I love when great little things happen to us.

  2. haha

    That story was just as good in the second telling.


  3. Oh Karen, this is hilarious! As I read, I could easily picture all this happening! (It seems we both are a bit "klutzy!") I'm SO glad Williams Sonoma treated you the way they did, too. A company who knows how important their customers are, and treat them respectively, is rare and wonderful!
    Please read my newest post. I have an idea it will make you laugh, too! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hello, karen! Please don't be embarrassed, dear friend. We all need to cut the cord at some point in our lives. :) I am very happy to read about your positive experience with that customer service rep. Recently Mrs. Shady had a similar experience with a company. She had gone online and ordered a soldering torch for jewelry making to give to her daughter as a gift. When the box arrived Mrs. Shady noticed it been damaged in transit. Fearing the device inside might also be damaged, she called customer service and explained the problem. As it turned out, the representative was more than helpful. She even recommended a different type of torch that would do the specific job better. It was a more expensive model but the rep express shipped it to Mrs. Shady at no extra cost. America needs more companies like these, ones that make service after the sale a priority and employ courteous, resourceful customer service reps. Enjoy your ice cream and have a great weekend, dear friend karen!

  5. Oh, Karen, what a story!! I was so afraid as I was reading that you sliced your finger with those shears and you were going to say you ended up in the ER. But the second worst thing happened and then it turned into something wonderful!! So glad it all worked out! Won't you have fun with those new purchases! Enjoy. :-)

  6. God bless Williams Sonoma. I've never gotten anything from them, but I shall keep them in mind because they earned your loyalty.


  7. I saw your FB post last night about the service from Williams Sonoma. That's awesome. And to answer your question on my FB post the other night, yes I do like Piers Morgan. I hope that's ok? LOL.

  8. Oh how I wish I ever had good customer service experiences! My last one was with Fisher Price. I was SO excited to get a bassinet from them in the mail that when I finally got it I started trying to put it together right away. Well, they evidently sent me some wrong parts because it did NOT fit together. I didn't even get through the next step. When i called them about it they told me I'd have to send it in, on MY dime and that, of course, I wouldn't get a new one sent to me until it got to their warehouse in NY and they'd spend a few days processing it. The most ridiculous part was that it was their mistake but they wanted me to pay for it! Happy for you though. I know exactly how you must have felt when you cut through it! I am not a patient person and that would have just killed me!

  9. I love that store, and even more now.
    Thanks for sharing that. Now if you could send me some of that ice cream :)

  10. This is a great story Karen! And your ice cream looks divine! What flavor is it? I am thinking of getting an ice cream maker too, so I can enjoy that cold deliciousness again.


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