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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to School...

Work has started up again.  I'm kind of glad (for the regular paycheck), but those 60 days off were sure fun.  I never thought I'd cram as much good stuff into those 2 months as I did, but that just goes to show you the power of determination.

Now that I'm trying to get back into some kind of routine, I'm having a hard time remembering how I found time to shower, cook, and do all of the little errands that need doing every day.  It'll come to me, I'm sure, but I'm still feeling random and haphazard.  Of course, this first week there was a lot of catching up to do.  I find that when people know you're coming back, those who were sort of taking over for you tend to slack waaaay back on doing your end of things.  Consequently, there was a boatload of backlogged stuff in my mailbox to trudge through.  New rules and programs to figure out.  And hmmmm... everyone was too busy to answer many questions, so I had to slug it out pretty much on my own.  That's ok - more hours for me, and that's always a good thing.

A couple of weeks ago I had a little (felt big, but it was really kind of little) flareup with my arthritis.  My knee swelled up and that always scares me.  I tried to keep it under control with exercise, but finally had to pump up the steroids to make it go away.  So I'm slowly coming back down again.  That, coupled with the excess of infections I've had this past year finally made me realize that I need to find some new ideas.  Some better solutions.

One thing that came to mind (actually it hit me from several angles and different people all at the same time) was essential oils.  A friend of mine has used them with great success controlling her chronic illness.  I talked to a couple of friends who were also swearing by them, and then I was invited to a morning class to learn more about what they were and what they can do.  It would take too long to go into it here, but if you're interested, visit this website and read more about them.

I placed an order, and could hardly wait for everything to arrive.  FINALLY yesterday it all came.  Last night our room smelled like a spa, because I was rubbing in a pretty healthy combination of all kinds of oils, from peppermint, to geranium, to frankincense, to oregano, to lemon, and lavender.  And oh yes, there are so many more...  Normally, I take my "big gun" meds like the Enbrel and prednisone regularly, and I've still needed to take 3 Advil and 1 Excedrin twice a day just to fend of swelling and aches.  Last night I rubbed a drop or two of each type of oil recommended for RA (yes, there is a reference book available that includes just about any ailment or complaint you can think of) on each of my problematic areas: left wrist, left pointer finger, left knee, right ankle.  Now, normally I wake up stiff and sore and achey anyway, and I just have to take the morning dose of Advil and Excedrin to make it fade away.  But last night I didn't take Advil or Excedrin, fully expecting to wake up about 3am in pain.  But I didn't.  I slept a FULL 6 HOURS without waking once, (yes, I also used a combination of oils that promote sweet sleep and relaxation) and when I did wake up I was NOT sore or achey in the slightest.  And I haven't had any Advil or Excedrin all day again.

This is huge.  If these oils work this well all the time, I could conceivably cut way back on the prednisone too.  Who knows - maybe even the Enbrel eventually.  The sky's the limit, I say.  I'm super stoked.  The only drawback that I could see was that while I did all of that great sleeping I had a really vivid dream about an old college boyfriend who (in my dream) invited me to a dance, and I was super excited and really looked great, but then he told me he was marrying this girl named Tiffany.  I just KNEW he still had feelings for me, but he was marrying Tiffany, and he showed me her picture in a yearbook that had holograms on each page that were interactive.  It was a really cool yearbook, but I was so sad that he was marrying Tiffany.  I woke up and felt like I'd just cheated on my husband.  I have no idea what this dream means.  I will see if I have weird dreams again while using my relaxing oils.  Because if they cause me to have wild dreams, maybe they're not so relaxing.  But I'm sure it was a fluke.  I mean, I wasn't disappointed to wake up and see my husband there next to me, so I'm sure everything is fine.  Right?  Never mind... forget I said anything...

But I will keep you informed about these oils.  I hate getting sick, I hate not feeling well, I hate being AFRAID that I'll get sick.  If these do their job, it's going to really make me feel more enthusiastic about life in general.  And since I'm usually pretty enthusiastic in general, this could lead to singing and dancing.  Entertainment for all.  I've always been a sucker for anything holistic, but this is one of the rare times I've actually had something work so well, so stay tuned.  Maybe I've found my miracle.

In other news, the weather has turned cooler the past couple of days.  At night when we've been out cycling, you can feel the chill in the air.  It feels like Autumn, and pumpkins, and baking.  Never mind that tomorrow is supposed to ratchet back up into the 90s.  Eventually it has to cool off.  It just does it slowly in California.  In another week, I'll be bugging L to get out the Halloween paraphernalia and get to the decorating.  I seem to remember him promising to put up the lighted spooky arch this year, and I'm going to hold him to it.

Oh, and I know I mentioned our CleanScreenMagic.com website on my post, but I'd jumped the gun a bit.  The shopping cart wasn't functional at that time.  But it's working now!!  The mister successfully bought something from himself the other night.  Can you imagine our excitement to see our money going from PayPal into our CleanScreen account?  It's heady, I tell you.  Now it will be really exciting to see other people's money doing the same thing.  If you like us on Facebook, there's even a discount coupon you can use.  And I think you don't even have to like us - you can just use the coupon.   You're welcome.  We like to sweeten the pot.

It's been a good day.  It's been a good first week back to work.  Routine is good - at least it is for me.  I think I've run wild in the summer sun just long enough to welcome a bit of discipline back into my life.  And I'm definitely welcoming back that paycheck.


  1. Good morning, dear karen! Yessum, I'd say you gave Lindsay Lohan a run for her money this summer - one adventure after another. It's time to "buckle down and apply yourself" (Ward Cleaver's favorite expression on Leave it to Beaver - see my new post).

    I clicked over to that essential oils website. I never heard of that therapy for R-A before but I'm not gonna knock it till I try it. I realize that everybody responds differently to a given treatment. If those oils give you that much relief and do it consistently then you have indeed found a miracle. However, I do not recommend tapering off your other meds w/o consulting your Rheumatologist. You might experience a real flare-up if you do that.

    I was practically rolling on the floor reading about your weird oil induced dream (see my current post). As an expert dream analyst, I believe the Tiffany your old college boyfriend told you he was marrying was none other than Tiffani-Amber Thiessen from Saved By The Bell. I plan to get me some of those essential oils so that I can dream about her, too! :)

    Thanks for letting me know your CleanScreen site is operational. I am going to "give you the business" (familiar phrase used by Wally Cleaver - see my new post).

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend karen!

    1. Thank you Tom! You put a huge smile on the minister's face this morning! Ding ding ding - our first customer! Enjoy your sparkling clean screens my friend. And the oils? Woke up today with no aches again. And yes - saw my rheumatologist yesterday. He already knows I'm the amateur MD. He just lets me do what I want with very little interference. I like that in a doc.

  2. Lavender works very well on itchy insect bites. I should be able to get back to Clean Screen this weekend. I was thinking I'd also get a small bottle for Willy Dunne Wooters' glasses.


  3. Thanks Janie - it cleans glasses really well too! And yes, I was reading in my reference book that lavender is good for insect bites. I'm finding all kinds of uses for this stuff - and I'm on Day 2 of no Advil/Excedrin. WOOT!

    1. WOOT to you. My post for Monday will be about Willy Dunne Wooters and the trouble he had cleaning his glasses at my house. That's why I'm going to get him the cleaner and a cloth and put them in my extra bathroom.

  4. Ok, I have also had strange dreams like that about college boyfriends and always feel the same way afterward! But, it's ok, we would both rather be married to our husbands no matter what our dreams may imply. Also, I have been working up to trying out essential oils for a while. They sound too good to be true, but I know so many people who swear by them. Finally, now that the baby has arrived, I am reeeeally aching for a schedule again. I had such a routine before and, of course, it has now been blown to smithereens. I know I won't have as much of a schedule as I had before for a looonng time (or ever), but I just need at least some semblance of routine.

    1. I've been reading that the Lavender oil can calm diaper rash. And I just put Lavender, Peppermint, and the On Guard (helps guard against colds, flu) into some water and used it for a mouthwash - WHOOEEE, what a blast! But it worked as well or better than any commercial product and only took a drop of each oil. I'm getting excited...

  5. Your writing makes me smile, nod in agreement, and laugh.... I'm glad the essential oils are making a difference and I hope and pray they will continue to! Yay! :-)

  6. Ok, I have to visit that site and see if my knee will get any better..I don't have RA, just osteo and I'm hating not being able to walk like I always did. I do have hubby treat me with his magic Chiro fingers so perhaps a combo with that and oils will be good! That 60 days sure flew by..I remember when you blogged about have that time coming up. Whew..this year has been a whirlwind. I finished my inside décor for fall and Halloween...will work on the outside this week with a party on Friday...you're welcome to come along! I'm having a giveaway so stop by and enter! Have a good weekend and I'm so glad you're doing well!

  7. OK Karen...a big PS here. Your hilarious dream reminded me of the one I had last night. In the dream my Mom and Sister were visiting and we went to some weird church that required all the members to wear plaid....I'm never eating a s'more before bed again. Seriously.

  8. So I will have to be looking into the cleaner etc, but first I have to recover from bridaly spending. Is that a word? Anyway, I'm interested in the oils as my date from the last forty one years and counting has arthritic knees to the point the doc says it's bone on bone. I try not to unleash the flying monkees but somedays it is just called for around here! Big hugs and hope you are feeling better each day!

  9. I'm glad that the essential oils are working for you. I have friends and family members who swear by them, but the occasions that I've tried (following the outlined steps) There is no success.

    Happy ending steroids I hope!

  10. That's great news that the oils are a success! Your dream story made me smile. I think that probably happens to our guys, but they NEVER tell who they kissed in their sleep....

  11. Keep me posted on the oils, okay? I am so curious to see what you think of them over time.


  12. I still like them a lot. First of all, they smell heavenly. Some are a less fragrant than others (like oregano) but when combined with others that I use it all just smells like the best kind of spa. Secondly, I still have not needed Advil or Excedrin in over a week now, AND I'm still reducing the Prednisone. A couple of days I've been a little achey still, but that's to be expected when reducing the steroid. Combined with cycling, I've felt amazingly good with the oil use. Some I'm almost out of I use them so much - like Deep Blue and Frankincense.


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