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The second best are very expensive.
- Coco Chanel

Friday, February 28, 2014

An Evening To Myself

Friday night - so good to have this week behind me!  Work was hectic, and I feel guilty even trying to complain about working hard when I never have to leave the house, and I can work in my comfy comfy yoga pants.  I rarely shower before 3pm.  Yes, I'm a disgusting pig for the better part of the day, but that's our little secret, n'est ce pas?  Working from home is wonderful, but it really was a busy week, and I'm looking forward to relaxing tonight. 

Andrew is here for the weekend - a little reprieve from Utah's frosty weather.  How sad, then, that it's raining here.  All weekend.  And not just a little rain, either.  Seriously, I wish you could watch our local weather people on TV.  They are absolutely drooling over the fact that we have weather for a few days.  The storm of the decade.  Or at least the worst one on a few years.  And that's the funny thing about living in Orange County.  We never get hit with weather nearly as hard as other areas of Southern California.  According to the news, I should have been afraid my house was going to slip down the hillside (and that IS a real concern for some in California where last season's fires left bare hillsides.  Not joking about that at all.) Yes, it came down hard here and there, but it was just... hard rain.  Nothing the rest of the country doesn't have all the time.  I sent a short video of it to my coworker in Minneapolis.  Her response?  "What's the temperature?"  (It was 63 degrees at the time).  She replied that it was 5 degrees there.  Our "weather" doesn't impress anyone.  But it's all we have, so I tried to enjoy listening to it while I worked.  It was kind enough to let up when I left to get a pedicure.  (A beautiful little Iris colored polish, in case you were wondering.) I do love weather that is mindful of my needs...

But back to Andrew's visit.  LaMar got tickets to the Lakers game at the Staples Center, and the boys just took off a few minutes ago, happy as clams.  I've got a whole evening to myself.  So I'm blogging while I lick chocolate frosting from a spoon.  Its a guilty pleasure.  I made a killer devil's food cake last week and had some frosting left over.  Too scrumptious to throw away, and I enjoyed it just now.  Well, to be truthful, I've been sneaking spoonfuls of it all week.  I'm just polishing it off now.  C'mon now - don't even pretend you've never done it yourself.  Or if you haven't, I don't know if we can be friends.  It all goes back to when my mom would slather leftover frosting on a graham cracker.  That was livin' back in the day.

After I finish here, I'm going to watch a taped episode of "Reign" and who knows what else?  The sky's the limit.  I've also got a J Crew catalog calling to me.  I love looking through catalogs.  I fold down the pages of things I love, and then I only buy a fraction of those things.  But it makes me excited to entertain the possibility of actually owning them.  My budget is the limiting factor, the check and balance to my system.  But for an evening I imagine buying all of it.

Tomorrow is hair cut and color day.  One of my favorite days of the month.  Everything gets spiffed and spruced up.  Lines are sharpened, color is freshened and brightened.  It's a renewal.  It will feel good after the past two days of not feeling that great.  The old shingles are responding to the challenge of medication and admitting defeat.  Good riddance, I say.  I hope I never get that again, although I know it's possible, and I also realize I had an extremely light case of them.  I love it when I get lucky.  Unlucky, yet lucky.

It's time to get on with that ME evening.  Turn on the TV, open that catalog.  I may even get crazy and read a book.  Put on a soft T-shirt, ditch the bra.  Admire my newly polished toes.  These kind of evenings don't come along all that often.  Which is what makes them so delicious.  And the fact that it will all be accompanied by the sound of rain on the roof makes it even more cozy and magical.  The only thing that would make it perfection would be a thunderstorm... be still my heart.


  1. So glad you're not suffering from the Shingles. Sounds like a perfect evening. I totally identify, especially with the frosting and the "ditch the bra" part. Girl, we could "hang out"!

  2. If you want a real treat, we're expecting a huge snow storm this weekend. I will throw in the frosting for free..yeah, I'm a doll aren't I? I know CA needs every drop of that rain. I hope all stays well with you and your evening is super fun!

  3. I called it, karen! I predicted your next post would be good news and it is. SoCal is getting some much needed rainfall, you have the evening to yourself and your meds have the shingles on the run. I'm very happy to know you're bouncing back so soon. Enjoy your evening, and if you run out of things to do, come over to Shady's and listen to some tunes. I always look forward to your visits.

    You know what you need to do after getting your hair cut and colored? Yep, post some pics!

    Have a safe and happy weekend, dear friend karen!

  4. I definitely need a hair cut and color day each month! See I always get good ideas from you! Enjoy your ME time.

  5. Enjoyed reading this, Karen! I guess I haven't stopped by in a while...again. So glad to learn your shingles were/are a very light case. Yes, I've heard horror stories about them! I can relate to working at home...the jammies, sweat shirts, etc...Bad Hair Day for days on end...unless I have to leave the house! :)


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