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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big news: I'm sick

Today was an interesting first:  I was diagnosed with shingles.  I would rather have had some other kind of first, but you get what you get.  I thought it would be worse than it is - but so far it hasn't been too bad.  It was an annoying little patch of rash on my left side for a couple of days.  I mixed up a little salve with some of my DoTerra oils and some coconut oil, and it was soothing and felt good.  But it didn't go away, and yesterday when I noticed that the patches had multiplied times 4, I knew I was in a little more trouble than I'd originally thought.  Especially after I looked at a few images on Google.  (Me + Google = Amateur MD)  Yep, Google had pictures of exactly what was ailing me.

So today I went to the doctor.  I hadn't been there in 5 years.  That's how often I get sick - about every 5-7 years.  He seemed a little bit excited to see something different than garden variety colds and flu.  Happy to oblige.  And after a little visit about how contagious I am (not at all, except to babies and small children, and anyone who hasn't had chicken pox), and what kind of prescription he was calling in for me, I was out the door and on my way to the pharmacy.  Short and sweet, just the way I like doctor's appointments to be.

So far, it's just made me a little tired, and it's a little bit sore to the touch.  After hearing how painful it can be, I consider myself very lucky.  Maybe my little homemade salve was helping out, after all.  It was 1 T coconut oil, 5 drops each of melaleuca, lavender, and frankincense oils.  And after I realized what I have, I also added in eucalyptus and thyme oils.  It hasn't spread any more and one of the patches seems to be going away.  I'm still counting heavily on the antiviral prescription to knock it out completely, and much faster than going it alone, but I like knowing that I can help myself a little bit too.  There's a bit of the pioneer country doc in me, I think.  If I must be sick (and apparently, every 5 years or so I must), then at least let me learn how to help myself a bit.

I'm lucky that it came now, instead of later.  We have trips planned in early May and again in July to go and see Lexi and Mia for their 8th birthdays and subsequent baptisms. 

Its big stuff, and I'd hate to miss these little ladies on their big days.  I'm so looking forward to seeing all of the little munchkins again.  Although I noticed via Facebook that sweet Skylee head butted on of her aunts and had given her a black eye.  I may approach her cautiously...

Drezden has learned to roll over, and he is smiling all the time for me when we visit via FaceTime.  It used to make him look worried to see me talking on this little tablet, but he's grown used to it, and he seems to enjoy me talking ridiculous baby talk to him now.

Hayden stole a toy dinosaur from the local craft store the other day, and had to suffer the shame of returning it and apologizing for the petty theft.  It made us all wonder: why a dinosaur?  Particularly, why a teradactyl?   It remains a mystery.

Curious what appeals to us, sometimes... However, her life of crime was cut short, she served her sentence honorably, and she now knows the joys of a clear conscience, after suffering the woes of a guilty one.  (Although, I suspect not for the last time... that little one is a pistol.)

Ronna had a birthday this last week.  Rex sent her to a spa for the day for a facial and massage - now that's my idea of a perfect day!  One of these years I wish I could actually spend some time with my girls on their birthdays - I'd like to get in on that spa day with them!

And that is life in the OC for this girl.  Little ones getting bigger and learning new tricks (and not always good ones!), FaceTime chats, celebrating birthdays from afar, and coming down with the creeping crud. (It could be worse - it could be on a visibly prominent part of me.  Like my face.)  I'm lucky it's confined to a small area on my left torso.  But I need to go - it's time to take that big horse pill they prescribed me to banish it.  Hopefully forever.  Wish me luck and send cards.


  1. Shingles! Yikes! I feel for you but you sound more than capable of doctoring yourself.
    The kids are ALL gorgeous...hope you get to all the events.
    All my kids stole from sotres at a young age and had to return too. Good lesson. They never did it again. My grandson did it a few months ago and every time you saw him for the next few weeks, he would announce, "I stole". BIG impression! Lol

  2. My dear friend, you were on such a roll there for a while. I even commented about it. Now there are back-to-back posts bearing bad news. I'm very sorry to learn that you contracted shingles. I hope the horse pills you're taking do their job and proud of you for being Dr. Norman, Medicine Woman and using home remedies to ease discomfort and promote healing. Best of luck to you, dear friend.

    It's great to see the latest pics of the young ones. They are all photogenic and once again I see an abundance of wisdom and "personal power" expressed in their faces.

    I'm glad Hayden didn't have to do time in the slammer for stealing the dinosaur! :) I hope she isn't involved with that international pterodactyl theft ring I've been hearing so much about on the news! :)

    Here's hoping your next post will be all good news, dear friend karen. Take care of yourself and get well. I'll be thinking about you!

  3. I wish you well and a full and speedy recovery Karen!! I miss you in blogland!

  4. Oh, I hope you are able to get through that! And what beautiful, sweet babies are in your family!

  5. The first thing I did was say out loud "Oh no!" when I began reading. Glad your shingles aren't too bad! Great pictures! Wishing you well!

  6. I hope it goes away quickly. My sister-in-law got shingles when she was in her late sixties. She's in her mid-seventies and still has them. I would like to get the shingles vaccination, but it's expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it. Maybe my new Health Care Act insurance will let me have it. Anything that involves skin and rashes is very bad for me, Ms. Sensitivity. I hope you are all better soon.


  7. So sorry Karen! I hope you feel better really soon. One of my co-workers thought she had a cold sore on her mouth..it was shingles...I've never had chicken pox so I guess I'd be on the "do not visit" list! I think that means I can't get shingles either..not sure! Your grandkiddos are so cute...love all the pix! Have a good weekend...hopefully a healthy one!

    1. Have you ever been tested to be sure you never had chicken pox? I was told I'd never had it, but I think my mom missed it because I had such nasty eczema. I learned when I was in my 30s that I had had chicken pox at some point in my life.

    2. I can REMEMBER having chicken pox! So miserable...

  8. I cringe at the thought of Shingles 'cause I've heard such awful things. I sure hope you're on the downside of this and moving on quickly...your Grands are adorably cute!! What a busy Mom your daughter must be. I understand why you're looking forward to your May visit!


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